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Could anyone please explain the difference of Incident field>>scattered field>>total field>>incident field in HFSS Software. 156761
Can anyone explain about what is 'Phi' and 'Theta' angle in far field radiation sphere setup, 156743
Additionally the probe "loop area" (between tip+shaft, and ground clip) is an inductive pickup for all the inductor leakage field, and your choice of ground- point embeds more or less I*R, L*dI/dt voltage noise from circulating ground "plane" currents to what the 'scope channel sees. Output filter wants low ESL/ESR, but the inductor also contr
From the datasheet of this acccelerometer I cant figure out the x y z outputs' voltage ranges. Is it mentioned in the datasheet what output voltages corresponds to -3g and +3g? And how can I calculate the voltage output corresponding to 500?g?
Hello to all ! getting some info from AN1292 (Texas application for LM5642 ),I made dc-dc converter to use at a solar controller. At test with no load the converter not work . no output, no pulses 200khz to drive mosfets. it seems to be disable ( on/ss pins below 2volts ). I was checked hardware for errors many times , but I don't find something
Hi this is my attempt to create a cheap but effective 1-60MHz measurement marker generator and simple tracking generator for a Tektronix 491 vintage spectrum analyzer. The nominal levels of the input of the analyzer are shown in the right. Calibration, a must for old machines, should be of no importance with my plugin, since the DDS generated mar
I want to measure the AC voltage through controller (ESP32). So, I have designed a schematic which is attached. As per as my calculation, for 230VAC voltage. the voltage after the divider should be 2.76V. But, practically I am getting 1.9V. Similarly, with 110VAC I am getting 1.2V in practical. Why I am getting such inaccurate voltage after the
hey I have a simple setup with P32MZ2048EFH144 It has no external oscillator. I have a simple code with Delay_ms(1000) which appears to work fine (the led blinks at about 1 second) But.... I think there is something I dont understand. Take a look: 156716 No matter what I set in "MCU Clock Frequency ", the blinki
Hi, what does the warning mean? "Adaptive solution setup, process hf3d: Port 2, solving for derivative wrt 'variable name', for mode 1 out of 1 for H-field Adaptive solution setup, process hf3d: Port 2, solving for derivative wrt 'variable name', for mode 1 out of 1 for E-field"
Hi board members! I have recently build a circuit to 'sense current' of a Li-Ion Battery using ACS710. But, upon done wiring on perfboard, i found that all pin 1 - 8 is shorted together, is it normal? AFAIK, pin 1-4 is shorted for I+ while pin 5-8 is shorted for I-, but continuity test for pin 1 and 8 shown shorted.
No you are firstly asking about relation between transmitted power and EIRP, a matter of antenna gain. Secondly between EIRP and field strength. Power density at a specific distance is EIRP/sphere surface area. Convert to field strength by applying field impedance of 377 ohms. - - - Updated - - - You can use
Hello, if we measure antennas in the antenna chamber with vector-network-analyzer (VNA). Let's say two identical antennas: The measured S21 transmission parameter (divided by 2 and corrected for freespace loss) is available for each angle (azimuth, elevation). How do I reproduce those results with HFSS. Farfield result: dB(RealizedGain) is
Hi, i designed a sinusoidal pwm amplifier (3KHz to 20KHz) that regulates its output voltage reading the RMS value of output current. The RMS is obtained squaring the signal sampled by AD converter @200KHz and then applyng a FIR filter with 120 TAPS. The advantage of this method is that the settling time of the FIR (so the response to amplitude c
The field strength of a circular coil can be easily calculated using Biot-Savart's law. See . The axial field strength calculates as follows H = 1/2 * (I*a?)/((r? + a?)^1.5), a coil radius, r axial distance For spiral antennas, add field of individual circul
Please recommend me any IC for measuring Single and Three phase power measurements. That is, MSP430F6779 and ADE7868 they are only Polyphase IC.. But I need IC work for both Single and Three Phase System.
I read a lot about it and found that for better accuracy Wave ports are the bread and butter of HFSS, however I still don't get the rules of thumbs of what are the right instructions to create it at any of different cases For instance when I created Wave ports for 17.5GHz attached to microstrip according to the definition of wide as 5 times the mi
I plan to measure the output from an electrosurgical generator. 1. According to the user manual, the current output is AC current with ~500 kHz frequency and ~0.3 A amplitude. However, most digital multimeters have lower bandwidth than 500 kHz. How can I measure this current output? Do I have to use another measuring device instead of multimet
by the polarity dots on your CMC, i see that it is connected is connected such that the field from the one coil, will cancel the field from the other coil, concerning diff mode current.
I have something that I thought is a trivial problem and I have been trying to resolve for a while now with no success, thus I decided to reach out to you for help. I?m trying to create a little device that will measure voltage 0-32VDC (preferably -32V to +32VDC so in this way no polarity needs to be observed when connecting to voltage source)
I am working on UMC 65 technology. My area of research is the reliability of circuits. In order to find out the degraded value of threshold voltage from a model equation, I need the value of the lateral electric field(E0) in UMC 65 nm technology. kindly suggest me.