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What prevents getting gain & phase response in digital filters that is same (as an equivalent low-pass or high-pass e.t.c) analogue filter? I am aware that digital filters cannot get (both of) gain and phase response same as an analogue filter which has (...)
have a look at the Maxim range of analogue switches
you filter digital grounds in a balanced fashion you filter anaglogue grounds in an unbalanced fashion relative to earth digital grounds should remain relative to your circuit therefore remain within its confines so ground the digital ground to uniform 0v the analogue to the (...)
Good day. Right, basically i'm doing a module at Uni, that i have no clue about, and i am in some need of help. I am designing an analogue filter (active 2nd order LPF) and comparing it to a digital FIR filter. I have one query that i have been trying to get an answer for, but its not exactly the type of thing you can (...)
hi guys this is a useful filter generator tools by national instrument. chill