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Hi, When designing a receiver, do you prefer to put the limiter before the bandpass filter or the bandpass filter before the limiter? Assuming the filter components have high-power handling. What are the concerns? Thanks
Hello, could someone please give me an explanation of what a filter's time response is. Is it simply the time time is takes for a filter to implement it's filtering ? Thanks for any help.
i am designing 4-5,5-6,6-7,7-8GHz bandpass filters which dielectric constant is good? what substrate height is good? please help me.
An expression for the transfer function of equal time constant passive filters can be found in many text books. For the 3rd order, it's: H(s) = 1/(T?s?+5T?s?+6Ts+1)
Mashnayn, in RC cell, the capacitance is 150nF, which corresponds to the time constant RC=150us and the cutoff frequency of 1.06 kHz. In SC cell, the capacitance is 15nF, which corresponds to the time constant RC=15us and the cutoff frequency of 10.6 kHz. Since the switching frequency is only 100kHz, it is only 10x more than the filter BW. (...)
The RC product, or TAU is the timing constant of a filter that will decide at what frequency the signal passage will cut-off (either in Low pass or High pass). So there is a definite relation of R with frequency. More over the term 2 Pi RC is the reactance of the filter. Hence R has a significance in filter characteristics
If your filter time constant it high then the voltage value will also change slowly. If you post your circuit you can probably get more help. Alex
How long is the wiring between the sensor and the micro? If it's long (like 40cm or so) then you might want to use a shielded cable for that. And what is the time constant or cutoff frequency of that RC filter? It might be just bad component calculation. Other solution would be to implement an IIR or FIR filter inside MCU, but unfortunately (...)
Hi Thomas, please calrify. Are you talking about the Power Spectral Density at the output of a filter when white noise is applied to the input (ARMA process)? regards Z
Hi, In the attached figure, you can see that a P-FET (Power MOSFET) is to drive a big solenoid which operates at 8A constant current. A current sensing circuit and one or two filters on the line. one MOSFET driver is driving the P-FET (not shown in figure) at certain frequency (assume 10KHz). Now to calculate the center frequency of PWM, I ne
Hi Everyone, I need help to design a EBGS assisted micro strip dual bandpass filter using insertion loss method.I need to know about design, suitable structure and which dielectric constant will be better for this purpose. Please help me.
In an LCD TV, the Liquid crystals are manipulated to filter light which comes from a light source which is either CCFL's or LEDs. Is it right to presume that the light source is the biggest electrical load in an LCD TV? Is the light source a pretty much constant , unchanging load, or is the light being continuously dimmed up and down , suc
Most commonly Low pass filter is sufficient.I solved this problem in my application with LPF.Place an LPF with suitable RC combination.
a bandpass filter can do that in 1 section. I would start off with a 1 pole bandpass of around 500 mhz bandwidth.
i'm designing microwave transmitter using ADS consist of LNA, mixer and filter...IF = 233 MHz, LO = 37.767 GHz, RF = 38 GHz.. when i simulate to get Nf vs Freq result, it shows constant 0 dB ranging from 0 to 40 plz someone tell me, wheter my simulation result is correct? if not, what modification or changes should i do...?
But as soon as I add (R2) 62K resistor in parallel with the RC filter, the cut off frequency changes to 298 Hz. Right, the RC time constant is formed by the output resistance of the voltage divider and the capacitor
Interwinding capacitance will always let the edge dV/dt blow through the inductor. You need lower ESR/ESL filter caps, perhaps a better inductor (windings further apart, single layer winding, ??? - I'm not a magnetics guy but I bet there are options). You might post-filter with a ferrite bead or another, maybe larger than the primary, serie
i shoul use a convolution in my project that need to convolve an 2-d image by a filter wich is symmetric and have 12 tap and all of its 12 values are constant. can any one help me or do u have some code?
I'm designing a pmos based OTA-C filter to be used to average out input values. The issue is: i'm getting correct average value for certain inputs but not for all. I believe it is due to non constant gm offered by the OTA. Which part of the OTA i should correct. Its a classic two stage pmos based input differential topology
You'll most likely want to use fractional numbers rather than floating point for the FIR coefficients and fixed point arithmetic for the filter.