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I need to design a complex coefficient filter to filter the complex value of each subband after filter bank. Can you recommend me any books on that? Thank you very much.
A positive peak detector circuit. A simple rectifier and a small filter capacitor.
hi all, I would like to design a new card with Timing filter Amplier,constant Fraction. Discriminator FPGA, ADC 100Mhz or more if somebody has an idea... Thank's in advance best regards
hi all, I would like to design a new card with Timing filter Amplier, constant Fraction. Discriminator FPGA, ADC 100Mhz or more if somebody has an idea... Thank's in advance best regards
Hello I am new here and I hope to get help for my assignment: Question ? Design a Chebyshev three-resonator, capacitor top-coupled, constant-k bandpass filter centered at 1MHz, with 1 dB ripple and a 100kHz, 3 dB bandwidth. The source and load resistors are 1.5kΩ and available inductors have a quality factor of 60. We just
Generally, when channel spacing is constant then LO step can be equal to that spacing. Receiver bandwidth is determined by IF passband. Mixer output is wider than IF filter and can be determined with input filter or can be wideband without this filter. Depending on type of modulation a fine tuning is sometimes needed. So (...)
what is the spectral density of AWGN passed the Square root raised cosine filter?
avdrummerboy, The time required to bleed off the capacitor charge depends on the RC time constant. T = RC, Where C is the filter capacitance, R is the resistance, T is the time constant which is the time required for the capacitor voltage to be reduced to approx 37% of its fully charged value. The resistor required to discharge the (...)
A simple RC filter will do this, remember if you place a zero at 0 Hz and a pole at 1 Hz you have infinite decades of distance between the two (logarithmic scale) and a single pole filter will slope at 20 db per decade. To have a pole at 1 Hz is not unheard of for a simple RC filter: w = 1/rc = 2*pi*f For example c = 10uF and r = (...)
Hi I have a problem with Hilbert FIR filter. when I simulate it in MATLAB, it has linear phase except of constant phase. I have tested lot of coefficients untill now, but all of them have linear phase. If it is possible, please solve my problem or send me the coefficients. Regards
You can generate this by mixing 2 signal sources, for example a constant 1GHz source and a VCO that covers 1.05GHz - 1.31GHz. Use a good filter at the output. If spectral purity is not a concern, there are ring VCOs that can cover this domain. For VCO, look at MiniCircuits website.
bals, A linear phase filter is a filter for which the phase shift is a linear function of frequency. For example, if the phase shift is X degrees at frequency F, then the phase shift will be nX degrees at a frequency of nF. It is possible to achieve exact linear phase with a FIR filter. However, not all FIR filters have (...)
guess you can talk about 2 types of delay. In analog sense, delay for an analog filter is defined in the way already nicely explained by RFCMOS. I think it means that if you were it give a frequency sweep to an constant delay filter (frequency being always within the constant group delay range of the (...)
hi everyone I need to design a voltage tunable filter,which has gain,because it contain an amplifier.Its center frequency is from 70MHz to 300MHz.But I have no ideal how to design it.Please give me some informations or books,and which simulation software I can shoose to design?Thanks!!! best regards Kezman
GM/C defines the filter design poles. But having constant GM/C instead of constant GM would be a better choice.
Hi filter coefficients are related to cutoff frequency. If it is not constant, simulate it and select one.
Here are few "pet" questions / topics 1. Two stage Op-Amp design 2. Frequency Analysis of single stage amplifiers 3. Design of cascode amplifiers 4. Simple Lowpass high-pass filter cutoff frequency and time constant. 5. Single MOS circuit question dynamic memory etc..
I got this value from Ramakanta A. gayak ward book is written that in a low pass first order butter worth filter Af=1.586 so Rf=0.586R1. where Rf is the feedback resistor. it is always constant. can u plz help me why this value is always constant???
Maybe i think, when a PLL is locked, the tension from filter to VCO is very stable. For example, with a fourth order filter, we have a variation near nV for ns.
You are sampling the output voltage of the DC-DC converter with a resistive divider? How much capacitance do you have at the input of your amplifier ? This will form a low-pass filter. Your error amplifier will also function as a low-pass filter with gain. Are the two time constants similar ? if not, take the dominant time (...)