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kokikak2, You may need to design a all pass filter for this application. Delay time will be a constant but shifted phase will be depand on frequency. No matter you design a circuit to shift phase of tone. But it's nearly improsible to shift a board band analog signal in a same vaule of phase. If the boardband signal be modulated by a
I don't quite understand. A FIR filter multiplies the incoming data by a bunch of constants, and then sums the products. You say that you can use constant multipliers. So where is the problem?
Hi For a filter rise time is equal to k/BW, which differ from one filter type to onther type. Regards
Most books about filters or about transmission lines written prior to 1960 will have this as one of the chapters. Also, general handbooks on radio in this time period will have information. If you have any specific questions I can help.
anybody can give me how to calculate the phase shifter of a constant k filter?how to analysis a t network?
Hi, I'm designing a BPF in range 3.1-3.8 GHz (700MHz bandwith at -10dB). I'm using ADS's filter Design Guide. But it is only allowable to design filter with luped components, so I'm using Passive Circuit Design Guide to design microstrip coupled-line filter. I want my filter be with constant group delay, (...)
Use this formula for a single RC filter. This gives you the attenuation at the frequency you want. T(f) = 1/sqrt(1 + (2*pi*f*tau)^2) tau is the RC time constant is the value you listed, f is the frequency. Bastos
Do you use the PTAT to bias the op amplifier of BandGap? If so , i think you can add the decouping capacitor to filter some high frequency noise to get a relative constant current mirror. so this reduces the noise of op amplifier to decrease the effect with the noise.
The image impedance concept is that the input impedance of the filter is equal to thee load impedance when the sections are cascaded. The m-derived aspect is putting a zero in the stop band. This makes the input impedance more constant over the pass band. there is also a double m with two zeros but it is rarely used.
Hi, there I had a digital fir synthesizer question and I donot know which way should take. Can anyone help. Thanks in advance. My question is: I have the amplitude and group delay(not constant) constraints of the FIR filter and i need to design a filter to approximate these spec. What I know now is these constraints are nonlinear (...)
Hi, The group delay for a signal passing through a filter is the among of time needed to all the frequencies of this signal to pass the filter. For example if the signal at the input of a filter is a pulse and if the group delay is not constant for all frenquencies, at the output of the filter the signal (...)
Hi, in addition to the method explained by Flatulent, depending on a type of your filter, you might use shapes different from ractangular coupled lines. For example, microstrip disk resonators can have Q factors 4 times (!!) greater than half wavelength line resonator. flyhigh
Group delay is not really relevant, infact it represents the absolute delay that a signal will have when passing through your filter. More important is group delay ripple, because, having an high ripple, the different harmonic components of your modulated signal will be delayed in different way, giving a distortion to the signal itself. Mazz
Hi to all... I'm a beginner and I need a simple circuit that convert a signal of 150hz with variable duty cycle (from 0 to 100%) to a constant voltage proportional to the duty cycle... I have tryed to find in internet, and I think that I need a lc filter (i am not sure...) , but I not say how calculate the values of the components... Thanks t
Ideal transfer function has linear phase characteristis with frequency. Corresponding group delay is constant. That means that all frequency component of signal has the same delay at output. Composition of complex signal (Fourier) is not affected by phase characteristic. Complete signal is only delayed and has original shape. Real transfer function
Capacitor is intended to filter pulsations - it will not affect on constant voltage dropping. To decrease voltage dropping you need to use more powerful transformer and suitable diodes (try to use shotky diodes) in rectifier. Anyway, voltage will be decreasing when current will increase - use voltage stabilizator to avoid it. If you are talk
Hello sajeev_antony Maybe book "Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays" by Meyer-Baese will help you. CH3-FIR digital filters Digital filters Designing FIR filters constant Coefficien FIR Design Exercises CH4 - IIR digital filters IIR Theory IIR Coefficient Computation (...)