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Hi Everyone. I am designing a 400W SMPS design. One completion of the design I tried to test it by connecting a 100 ohm 200W load to it. I made sure output voltage be set at 100V and over current protection at 3A. When I did turn it on, it drew only 100mA from the source and output voltage was only 36V. I guess SMPS
Hi, I'm trying to build a filter for a resolver. I'm getting issues with noise spikes where I will get a sample that is way out of proportion with other samples. I have a pretty good design for filter minor glitches in the shaft angle, say up to 5 degrees off. But where I really need to do more filtering is (...)
I have setup an LED regulator (NCP3065 - ) using On Semiconductors design tool and it seems to have some serious issues, if anyone could take a look and give some feedback? Schematic: (Current circuit will not work with R3, C1, or C2) Works "flawlessly" withou
Usually 2D design of Gabor filters require design in 2D Frequency ( because it can easily get out of boounds!). This is related to several issues: a) not obeying the Nyquist criteria b) phase distortions c) not forming a '' frame'' d) mack up in 2D frequencies and some others. The design in space (...)
Cascaded Multiple Polyphase filters may be a solution. They are based on Hilbert Transform...(non symmetric LP/HP form in frequency axis) If you google it, you'll find lot of docs.
How big role coefficients play i designing the a digital filter.?? whether a filter can be normalized using its coefficients??
Dear all, Could anybody explain to me the stability issues (if any) of Sallen-Key Active filter?. There are two loops - i) frequency-independent negative feedback loop and ii) frequency-dependent positive feedback loop (this loop's feedback-factor's transfer function is bandpass type). Will there be any phase-margin problem in this kind of filt
I have used it, well certainly not to the most possible extreme, but to my knowledge, I have created a LPF, and had my resuts succesful, but had some issues with the cut-off frequency range. You first need to add FDA tool into your design. use the matlab tool to design your filter. After your design, just (...)
please guid about poly phase filter design
hehe opamp dc gain should be larger especially for first stage and match between error cancel digital filter and analog integrators