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Yep, same frequency spacing, but different levels. From FM theory, your modulation rate is constant (1 MHz) but the actual frequency deviation is changing at the different harmonics. 60 dBc spurs aren't bad, but if you want to reduce them more, you might get away with adding an elliplitcal lowpass filter with a notch at 1 MHz at the VCO tune po
I'm under the impression, that you are still missing a clear specification of the intended filter properties, and in turn there's no clear question. In usual FIR filter theory, delay is simply group delay, or in other words fs*N/2 for any popular FIR design. Because your filter requirements are primarly referring to time (...)
check these A TUTORIAL ON NETWORKS AS AN INTRODUCTION TO RELATIONAL SYSTEMS theory this is a good book and very simple Network theory and filter Design: Vasudev K. Aatre | Tutorial Video eLearning [COLOR="Sil
i am working on some filter topologies,trying to figure out how these filters work.and in a TI's application report ,i find the MFB filter circuit 60285 the Laplace transfer function given by the document is 60287 however,the Laplace tranfer function derived by myself dosen't match the one above,a
I am currently designing a narrow band filter using Open Lopp Resonator. But unfortunately i didnt get any material on the theory of Open Loop Resonator. Please give me any link or data regarding design of open loop resonator....
Hi Allison. Lots of thing to explain, will try without too much theory. (There are other ways to implement an oscillator, but check if that works for you - I will NOT comment on your filter requirements, I will assume that it is what you need) About the filter implementation in the FPGA: First, do not implement the direct form of the (...)
looks like the capacitor value is large which means large area on chip. Any ideas to reduce this ? Noone would expect a IC design problem up to this point. Of course it doesn't change the basic circuit theory, but I doubt that it's reasonable to integrate audio frequency range coupling or filter capacitors on chip. You also won't us
Dear madlab88 & shams_313 As I mentioned in shams_313's thread, Kay's book would be great helpful your project. One of chapter deals with channel modeling and filtering about the kalman filter. < Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing, Volume I: Estimation theory (v. 1) by Steven M. Kay > Here's my codes for single-carrier (...)
I think....... "Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing, Volume I: Estimation theory (v. 1) by Steven M. Kay " This book would help for your question. One of the chapter deals with kalman filter ans its application to the channel estimation. (there's so long time to review this book. however I remember that the author give us to a intui
hi sir,i'm NALINI ,doing Mtech in power electronics and drives ........ sir i have taken Improvement of the Electric Power Quality Using Series Active and Shunt Passive filters" as a base paper for my project....i got struck in designing of LPF filter in closed loop control scheme of dual instantaneous power theory... i'm in need of (...)
I Need to implement a low pass filter in an FPGA. I am very confident with FPGA's and DSP theory. I am not confident in selecting a DSP filter. My A/D's are sampling at 1MHz. I want my low pass to be at 100Hz. The problem i am noticing is that 1e2/1e6 is a small number and the actual quantized model doesn't follow the passband of (...)
Signal theory tells, that the characteristic of an optimal filter has to be calculated from the spectra of the useful signal and the disturbing signal. The result of this (somewaht theoretical) approach is useally a FIR filter, defined by it's impulse response. It can be directly implemented by digital signal processing methods. Telling (...)
A digital delay line is a discrete element in digital filter theory, which allows a signal to be delayed by a number of samples. If the delay is an integer multiple of samples digital delay lines are often implemented as circular buffers. This means that integer delays can be computed very
Hi All I am looking for solutions to the problems given in Adaptive filter theory, fourth edition 2002, simon haykin. Please let me know if any one knows where to find for the answers.. Help will be much appreciated Thanks in advance
can any one help me to find this paper: H. V. Nguyen and C. Caloz, "Broadband highly selective bandpass filter based on a tapered coupled-resonator (TCR) CRLH structure," Special issue Microwave Metamaterials: theory, Fabrication and Applications, Proc. of the European Microwave Association, J. Eur. Microwave Association, vol. 2, pp. 44-51,
Hi, I am working on Pedestrian dead Reckoning using Particle filtering in matlab, I am using mobile accelrometer sensor to detect number of steps and stride length and calculating the total distance travelled. I want to use particle filter to enhance accuracy in my results. I have read the theory of particle filter but (...)
Hi, I want Solutions to exercise problems of Simon Haykin's Adaptive filter theory.
It's a band-pass with about 500k center frequency and 200k pass band width. But due to the limited OP bandwidth, the real filter characteristic will be considerably different from ideal behaviour. The ISO 15693 subcarriers are fc/32 (424 kHz) and optionally fc/28 (484 kHz). You need an OP with at least 10 MHz GBW to achieve the intended filter
Try these links Adaptive filter theory - Google Books
Hey, i've line in matlab example code: LPF = LPF_b*LPF_prev + LPF_a*mixer_I + LPF_a*mixer_I_prev ; This is part of 'for' loop where is signal 'mixer_I' filtering. I see this is IIR but I dont know how could I write its transfer function. This is one of LPF in costas loop. I cant find any theory about designing this kind of fi