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Hi all, i'm taking an adaptive signal processing course and the reference textbook for the course is the "Adaptive filter theory - 4th Edition" by Simon Haykin. i've been searching all over the internet and only found the solution manual for the 4th edition, and also found the textbook for the 3rd edtition!! i even went to libraries and didn't
In order to design an anti-rumble filterr for a preamp for driving an AUX input with a phono output from a turntable, would I use some kind of configuration like a pi or T netwrok, or would a simple passive high pass muli-pole multi stage RC or LC or LR circuit be adaquate? I don't know the theory behind the ones I see in examples on the i
Q1. How capaitor acts as a filter ?(reason behind its action)It's many many possible ways a filter could be assembled. It's also possible to make a filter without a capacitor. Read through any chapter that describes RC filter to get the basic theory first. Q2. Why capacitors with high c
hello, can any one help me in design micro strip filter on ads?,and what most important parameter to calculate? given: center freq=2110 MHZ, Er=10.5,tand=0.001,B.W=60 MHZ,h=25 mil,Zo=50 ohm
Hi All, I am required to design an iris filter. However, without going into deep calculation in transmission line theory, I need to learn basically the design criteria on how should be the length, width of irises or the length between irises, etc. Is there any document that you can recommend? Or someone give me information on this? Any help
Hello Dears, I need the solution manual of this book: Adaptive filters theory and Applications by farhang boroujeny. if one have pdf of it, please share me, kindly. Thanks a lot
equalizer is is used to undone the distortions caused by interference for building one, pls check out
There are two mayor concerns. First sampling feauency at lest 4 times, that's the practical concern. Second the filter to avoid the anti aliasing. I hope that that helps you
Hello, I plan to start studying Kalman filter to apply it as a tool in my developments. In special, I'm looking for a book with its theory and a good engineering view point (with application tips and algorithms). I've found that the book "Introduction to Random Signal and Applied Kalman filtering", from Brown, R. G. and P. Y. C. H
There's no lower frequency limit by 4046 specification. Lock time is ruled by general PLL theory, in practice it depends on initial VCO frequency, utilized phase detector, loop gain, filter characteristic. Both 4046 phase detectors have digital inputs, they can work with any input signal keeping the CMOS level specification. An OP or compara
Is there any good book on the topic of "system and control" which specially deals with the analysis and design of electronic circuits such as input filter design , op amp feedback design used in dc dc converters ,switching power supplies etc
A.O.A to all the members of the board here i am looking for the M.C.Q's for the following categories given below * Analog / Digital Electronics theory * P.L.D * Analog /Digital Communication related * filter Design * Embedded System * D.S.P etc * RF electronics etc............... any one who have this type of material pleas
hi. I need an article from "International Journal of Circuit theory and Applications" J. D. Rhodes and A. S. Alseyab, “The generalized Chebychev low pass prototype filter,” Int. J. Circuit theory Applicat., vol. 8, pp. 113–125, 1980 thanks a lot:D
hi every boby:D I need this article : J. D. Rhodes and A. S. Alseyab, “The generalized Chebychev low pass prototype filter,” Int. J. Circuit theory Applicat., vol. 8, pp. 113–125, 1980 I will be very thankful if somebody could send me this article:D
It depends on what you are trying to do. If you are expecting the 8 ohms to filter one of the harmonics, 8 ohms to ground is not going to give you very many dB's of rejection.
Since there isn't any current , the length can be long.But if you use 3rd order PLL Loop filter, last R-C components should be connected as close as possible to the Vtune input of the VCO.There won't be any delay or loss because the frequency in the loop filter is only reference frequency that is max few MHz.
Dear all, I need several notes regarding to the edge-coupled filter. I want to know, is it edge-coupled filter is also known as parallel-coupled filter? I'm confuse here. Help me! Thank you.
Use matlab. Enjoy :-) Implements the order recursive adaptive laguerre filter from Fejzo and Lev-Ari Implementation theory
I need a paper shown below. Simulation of filter structures for fixed-point implementation Bailey, D.A.; Beer, A.A. System theory, 1996., Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth Southeastern Symposium on Volume , Issue , 31 Mar-2 Apr 1996 Page(s):270 - 274 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/SSST.1996.493512 I am going to implement subband
The book by Ian Hunter is quite good: theory and Design of Microwave filters ISBN 0 85296 777 2 You may also have a look at the book by Cameron et al: Microwave filters for Communication Systems: Fundamentals, Design, and Applications ISBN 978-0-471-45022-1 These books are quite new and have lots of good references (papers)