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A standard visable laser diode is centered around 630-660 nano meters. Keep in mind the output is pulsed. So you need a photodiode centered at that frequency, filter screen in front of it to block as much of the rest of the spectrum not in use. If it's an IR laser that's a different story. It really depends on the laser you're using. It could be as
Hi mate see tbis book " microstrip filters for rf/microwave applications" it has all what you need you can downloaded here alos see
Hi elf61, theory and Design of Microwave filters by I.C. Hunter, IEE Publishers and Microstrip filters for RF/Microwave Applications Jia-Shen G. Hong, M. J. Lancaster ISBN: 0-471-38877-7 By the by, you can find lot of stuff on filter Design and this below mentioned book talks
There are plenty of control theory ebooks in the ebooks upload/download section of this forum that can help you in your aim. I recommend the ff: Advanced Control Engineering* Modern Control Engineering* Stochastic Models, Estimation and Control by Peter Maybeck, (excellent) and Kalman filter books, since this is about optimal estimation --
I will recommend you to read the "Adaptive filter theory by Simon Haykens". -Best Regards
The advantage of using adaptive algorithms are based on their computational complexity, rate of convergence etc. A good reference to this is 'Adaptive filter theory' by Simon Haykin. Once upon a time i did do some simulations on these algorithms in matlab for purpose of comparison.
Hello again, my friends. I moved the theory I posted previously, to the Elementary Questions forum. So here I'll just post a design question: When building a power supply, I've got to put some filter elements between the AC voltage line and the reducter transformer. How can I calculate them ? Because I've seen some schematics, where
are you looking for filter design techniques (i.e. integrator based filter implementation)? or what? If you are, books mentioned above won't address your concern, you'll have to dig an old DSP book that gives tables and stuff for filter design (LC ladder filter implementation, how to pick L's and C's etc.)
1.the digital signal processing is first step. It must be unstanded intitutionly. 2.the digital filter theory is another step. 3.the loop therory is the third step. 4.the IC design of VLSI is the fourth step. 5.the Layout design of VLSI is the fifth step. 6.the test of ADC is the end step. 7.the debug is the only experience step which is th
This function is described in detail in many filter synthesis books. One that is easy to understand is Introuction to filter theory by David E. Johnson. Chebychev was a steam railroad engine design engineer in Russia. These equations started out for designing the steam valve that shunted the steam to alternating sides of the pistons (...)
I had design a microstrip line LOW PASS filter for 802.11b and 802.11a WLAN design. I have no experience on 40GHz HPF design. I ALSO EAGER TO HOW.
theory and Design of Microwave filters by Ian Hunter is quit good book for dielectric resontators filters
Excuse me,who can attach three paper : 1.transmission line conversion transformers 2.a new wide-band balun 3.general theory and design of optimum quarter-wave TEM filter I want to know the theory of couple line balun,like marchand balun or anaren 's balun. thank you very much!
You can find lots of discussion about Polyphase in many books and you need to indentfy what kind application of your polyphase filter . The polyphse filter is an advanced filter design so you need to understand the basic of FIR and IIR . After that you will be easily to design your polyphase filter
Introduction to filter theory by David E. Johnson, Prentice-Hall, 1976 is the easiest to learn from on your own but being an old book is probably only available on used stores like
I am design a switch capacitor circuit. I want to know how to simulate the noise of the circuit. First i want to say the hspice commond (like .noise) is not right for me. I try a low pass filter of SC , then the result of noise simulation is mistake. In the theory , the noise is KT/C, but the figure is not agree with the equation. So there is
Does anyone have e-books or other reference sourses on differential signal processing theory, such as filter designing or amplifier analysis? Any suggestion is welcome!
You can read the theory of filter. Example, lowpass filter, highpass filter, bandpass filter or band reject filter. About wideband, as the definition of ITU, all the data stream with bandwidth higher 2.048 MHZ(Europe) or 1.544MHz(South Africal) is called wideband(broadband), if lower is (...)
theory and Design of Microwave filters (I.C. Hunter) ISBN: 0 85296 777 2 Format: Hardback Pagination: 352pp. Price: ?52 / $93 This is a good book. there are a lot of detail design on TM/TE filter
It's hard to say what's the structure inside AD6633. But after seen the datasheet,you can find there are a error filter which use to simulate the channel filter response,and small nco which simulate nco I think all this used to generate an inverse signal to clip the peak value after NCO combination. I believe this all are very similar