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I am designing a six-pole filter based on rectangular cavity coupled directly by aperture on the broad face.First I get the dimension of the rectangular cavity according to the center frequency f0 of the filter.Then according to the coupling theory,I compute the two eigen fruquency(f1 and f2) of the two coupling rectangular cavities coupled (...)
Help file of matlab on dsp and filter design is another excellent introducing about different filter theory and design.
R.W. Rhea, HF filter Design and Computer Simulation. Atlanta, GA: Noble, 1994, p. 321. I. Hunter, theory and Design of Microwave filters. London, U.K.: IEE Press, 2001. G. L. Matthaei, L. Young, and E. M. T. Jones, Microwave filters,Impedance-Matching Networks and Coupling Structures. New York:McGraw-Hill, 1964. [
Maybe it help: rgds
hi guys,the theory of microwave filter here enjoy
Hello, I thnk a good reference can be "Microwave filters, Impedance-Matching Networks, and Coupling Structures" George L. Matthaei I hope it helps you TaPa
how to get some details about saw filter,thanks a lot
Hi switch Cap use clock for get equ_R valuse , and I simulation AC response by this method .. but if clock have gitter .. how to simulation it in hspice ... in .tran simulation we can monitor Switch_Cap and get a "resistor value" but in simulation can not use clock ... thank you
Is here.... R. Levy and S.B. Cohn. "A History of Microwave filter Research, Design, and Dev elopm ent. " 1984 Transactions on Microwave theory and Techniques 32.9 (Sep.1984 (SpecialCentennial Issue Historical Perspectives of Microwave Technology)): 1055-1067. An account of the development of microwave filters is surveyed, commenci
Hello sajeev_antony Maybe book "Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays" by Meyer-Baese will help you. CH3-FIR digital filters Digital filters Designing FIR filters Constant Coefficien FIR Design Exercises CH4 - IIR digital filters IIR theory IIR Coefficient Computation (...)
use google and search : --> Crystal Resonator --> or Crystal filter also Crystal Oscillator Many links !! CP