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I started to design microstrip band-pass filters for 5 and 10GHz, currently using book "RF Circuit design theory and Applications, second edition" Reinhold Ludwig, Gene Bogdanov. Also several articles from internet. I did all calculations and cross-checked (...)
Hi everyone, I am trying to sort out a design that has following line Pin -> VGA -> gain block -> driver amp -> PA -> filter -> directional coupler (coupled signal fed back to VGA control) -> diode PIN switch -> Relay -> Pout Now problem is that PA can deliver and does deliver 48dBm when filter is not in loop but as (...)
Hi all, Can someone refer me to a site where there's an example of how to code digital filters. I've checked the DSP book by Emmanuel C. Ifeachor and Barrie W. Jervis, but its a lot of theory but no practical applications. I want to design a digital filter with a sampling frequency of 1.5kHz (...)
Matlab (or free GNU Octave) is preferred because it has a strong relation to digital signal processing theory. The documentation gives many insights to digital filter behaviour and design methods. If you are looking for something "light", you can use any spreadsheet calculator, e.g. MS Excel to simulate a digital (...)
Hi i'm looking for the theory i.e. formulas and so on in order to design this kind of filter 82940 I would be grateful if you give me the name of this circuit and a tutorial or a reference where to find the description and the design procedure. I've find a similiar (...)
I'm under the impression, that you are still missing a clear specification of the intended filter properties, and in turn there's no clear question. In usual FIR filter theory, delay is simply group delay, or in other words fs*N/2 for any popular FIR design. Because your filter (...)
check these A TUTORIAL ON NETWORKS AS AN INTRODUCTION TO RELATIONAL SYSTEMS theory this is a good book and very simple Network theory and filter design: Vasudev K. Aatre | Tutorial Video eLearning [COLOR="Sil
hello, can any one help me in design micro strip filter on ads?,and what most important parameter to calculate? given: center freq=2110 MHZ, Er=10.5,tand=0.001,B.W=60 MHZ,h=25 mil,Zo=50 ohm
Is there any good book on the topic of "system and control" which specially deals with the analysis and design of electronic circuits such as input filter design , op amp feedback design used in dc dc converters ,switching power supplies etc
The book by Ian Hunter is quite good: theory and design of Microwave filters ISBN 0 85296 777 2 You may also have a look at the book by Cameron et al: Microwave filters for Communication Systems: Fundamentals, design, and Applications ISBN 978-0-471-45022-1 These (...)
hi to all, im working on filter design , im very new to this , if any body have this book with u plz post the pdf or any useful link to down load free. thank you very much >theory and design of Microwave filters By Ian C. Hunter, Institution of Electrical Engineers
Is there any comercial RF MEMS filters or other components?website?
fourier is a special case of the laplace transform (when σ = 0). in most cases of digital communication , fourier transform is used.. Laplace transform is mostly used in Control systems theory, although it has other applications too. Z-transform basically deals with discrete sequences and used in digital filter (...)
Hi, Discrete-Time Signal Processing, by Allen Oppenheim. It has a complete section about digital filter design using continues filters. Regards
try to design the filter by urself ? or try many times with the design guide khouly
Hi, I am looking for the following books: 1.Radio-Frequency Electronics'' by Jon B. Hagen. 2.Solid State design for the Radio Amateur'' by W. Hayward & D. DeMaw Basically, I am looking for filter theory book (with deep math explaination) on passive filter design(Chebishev, Butterworth so on) (...)
Can anybody give some some good books or resources about the digital part of a ΣΔ ADC? for example, how to design a decimation filter ? Thank you very much !
hi can anybody give me the following article: i have no acceess to ieee resources A design OF LOWPASS filter USING NOVEL MICROSTRIP DGS ieee transactions on microwave theory and technology 2001;49:86-93 thanks a world
You should check RF CIRCUIT design theory and Applications Ludwig Bretchko and RF_design_GUIDE_Peter_Vizmuller A high order Butterworth or Chebyslev filter design should be what you need, but at the frequency band that you are working a couple (...)
Hi, u can try theory and design of microwave filters by Ian Hunter Cheers If you can upload this book, many people will thank you.