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Obviously, as your diagram shows, you need to sample faster than 2f. Applying that sampled signal to a sinc filter will reconstruct the signal.
Is the above rule a sufficient condition for MIMO feedback stability?You can not understand contents I posted at all. Modern control theory is surely useful for judging stability of MIMO System. Your complex filter is formulated by using state space variable equations. So modern control theory is straight for
Nowardays, except if the goal is to learn the concept step by step, we no longer have to deal with the theory behind how this is done to implement digital filters in practice, but we just insert the performance parameters in one of the available online tools on the web and take the C code there, ready to use. The main thing you need to know is that
I started to design microstrip band-pass filters for 5 and 10GHz, currently using book "RF Circuit Design theory and Applications, second edition" Reinhold Ludwig, Gene Bogdanov. Also several articles from internet. I did all calculations and cross-checked them with several paper examples. My current problem is: 1) Final time-consuming step i
I am taking DSP and the instructor explains theory but has not shown a single example all semester. One problem on the current homework assignment is to plot the frequency response of a windowed sinc filter using a Blackman window. The sample rate is 10 Khz and cutoff frequency is .195. He has given us M= 800. We are suposed to use the FFT instead
Hello I have any question about signal sampling theory. I have signal generated from DDS (10bit with good reconstruction filter) , signal is sinus of known frequency 100 kHz. I need to know as precisely as possible amplitude and time zero crossing I have 12bit ADC with 5 MSPS (STM32F303). i.e. 50 samples per period or 1 sample/7,2 degree. Th
I am using this circuit. As DC bus I am applying currently 30V and at output I am able to achieve a sine wave by further employing a filter Circuit In theory what should be the peak output voltage of the sine wave???? Shouldn't it be +30V I am getting a peak of +12.5V and 25V p-p. Hi Who told that out put voltage must be as VDC ?
i have two basic questions 1) why control systems are low pass filter? 2) input of control system is random in nature .But why we are testing the system mostly with step signals.How does the step signal alone completely tell about the system?
Hi everyone, I am trying to sort out a design that has following line Pin -> VGA -> gain block -> driver amp -> PA -> filter -> directional coupler (coupled signal fed back to VGA control) -> diode PIN switch -> Relay -> Pout Now problem is that PA can deliver and does deliver 48dBm when filter is not in loop but as soon as the (...)
i am murali , i need an verilog code for 4 bit serial in parallel out shift register, 4 bit dual port distribted ram, 4 bit pipeline adder tree and 4 bit pipeline shift-add tree.
while selecting low pass filter for ADC antialiasing, I am confused among different types of active filters like Butterworth, bessel, Sallen-Key etc... . Please suggest me which one is good.
in paper {A 23.4 mW 68 dB Dynamic Range Low Band CMOS Hybrid Tracking filter for ATSC Digital TV Tuner Adopting RC and Gm-C Topology} in section IV is written :{the com-posite second-order (CSO) distortion is not important in the filter for only ATSC terrestrial standard because there exist a few channels in terrestrial application. In a
hi all. I want to implement normalized subband adaptive filter by MATLAB from this book. "Subband Adaptive filtering theory and Implementation" by Kong-Aik Lee, Woon-Seng Gan(pages 297-299). I got the e-book version but i don't have the companion CD of [URL="eu.w
Hi all, Can someone refer me to a site where there's an example of how to code digital filters. I've checked the DSP book by Emmanuel C. Ifeachor and Barrie W. Jervis, but its a lot of theory but no practical applications. I want to design a digital filter with a sampling frequency of 1.5kHz and cutoff of 6kHz. I'd a
Hi, I am working on EEG signal. At first i applied the Butterworth Low Pass filter to extract 0-64 Hz frequency. Then i applied DWT to extract BETA (16-32Hz) and ALPHA(8-16Hz) wave . So, according to theory , 2nd and 3rd level coefficient of DWT should provide the beta and alpha wave. But when i performed the fft of D3 wave i did not get the desir
Dear all, I have a basic knowledge of signal processing, but unfortunately I'm not a specialist of this field. I have to build an adaptive MISO (multiple-input single-output) FIR Wiener filter, which receives three (or more) signals as inputs and produces an output according to the Wiener filter theory (for example referring to the book (...)
Hi all, I'm new in Digital filters Design. I'm trying to find some PC software (simple one), which can help me to strengthen my theoretical skills in digital filter. Please suggest me some software. Thanks.
Hi i'm looking for the theory i.e. formulas and so on in order to design this kind of filter 82940 I would be grateful if you give me the name of this circuit and a tutorial or a reference where to find the description and the design procedure. I've find a similiar called follow_the_leader but it is composed in a di
See this like starting idea It will hardly implement the 50/60 Hz frequency conversion. Generally speaking, the hardware of a typical single phase motor inverter is what you need: Input rectifier, bus capacitor, PWM controlled H-bridge, output inductor, possibly a sine filter. If high input power factor is required, the AC/
Hi, A simple low pass filter consist of a series resistor, and followed by a capacitor connected to ground. Why can't a simple low pass filter be only a capacitor, without the resistor? Thank you for your advise. Siong Boon