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first of all you should detect zero cross of your line power, this site show you a circuit although you can fine ICs over the net ( such as HT46R47 ) secondly for controlling the heater find and optotriac ( MOC3052 is my recommendation. don't choose an optotriac with zerocross). finally afte
hey, i need some ideas for my final year project on embedded or robotics...i have a idea..its lyk , using ultrasonic sensor to control the vehicle..when i bring my hand towards the sensor , the vehicle moves forward..and when i move away from sensor , vehicle moves back..and for sidewise movement i planned to have IR array..other suggestions are we
You can't plot the S parameters for the simple reason that they don't exist for an incident plane wave. In electromagnetic problems, you need to be able to define a voltage wave to get S parameters. In HFSS you do this by setting the integration line of your port. So, yes, you need to define a wave port. (A lumped port would be (...)
How about this bare-bones binary-to-hex command-line utility? #include int main(int argc, char *argv) { FILE *fin, *fout; int c; if (argc != 3) { printf("Specify binary input file and hex output file.\n"); return 1; } if (!(fin = fopen(argv, "rb"))) { printf("Can't open input file:
Put the time print step = 1/ts an multiple number of the sampling frequency (clk). The frequency of the print step must also be an odd multiple of the input frequency (fin). bastos