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One single word: abutting Abut everything what can be abutted and the final layout will be as small as possible.
check the tutorials in - The Online 8051/8052 Microcontroller Resource - and refer books like mazidi or download "final word on 8051"........ they will be always useful ---------- Post added at 12:43 ---------- Previous post was at 12:40 ---------- [url=w
mohammed ali mazidi is one of the best book.... also read "final word on 8051". the best document you can ever get... also visit - The Online 8051/8052 Microcontroller Resource - and go through their tutorials.
refer mohammed ali mazidi for both 8051 and PIC controllers.. its nothing but a bible that is put in the most simplest way ... you can also download final word 0on8051 too. or visit - The Online 8051/8052 Microcontroller Resource - for online tutorials
mohammed ali mazidi for 8051, google final word on 8051 they are very useful.
Thanks you Jerin .... But i need is PIC microcontroller and the proccessor is P16F876A ... i need a example in assembly language and not in C language, but the way i am newbie to learn the PIC microcontroller for my final Year Project .... Hi Try here - PIC T
hi to all i am in my final year of engg. i am doing a project on isolated word recognition system. need an algorithm for noise removal. thanks
salam to all i m workin on PIC16F877A, basically its a part of my final year project i made its BURNER and fortunately its workin but the problem is tht how can i program its configuration word i hv its flash programming datasheet but tht procedure or algorithm doest work 1. programming mode 2. load config. command (00000) 3. send dummy
I will suggest this book! The final word on the 8051 Cheers, Sarang ---------------------------------------- Microcontroller discussions, schematics and codes!
Hello All, I am nill on DSP Boards. I have to do a final year project. i have to use the DSP Board. plz help do help on this. plz provide me the basic knowledge about the DSP Board. i have to start from the very basic. i dont know a word about it. plz do help. thanks
e-book "final word on the 8051" is an excellent source of knowledge both for the beginner and intermediate user.
Salam, Read Chapter 5 ( page 88 ) "final word on 8051" Thanks
Well CMOS, I can't really tell the difference between what you called "A: ENABLED", "B: DISABLED", "C: P", "D: DISABLED" and ("C: Q" and "C: R" or "C: S"), but if we name the bits of your 14-bits word as (W13 MSB), you could test (logical AND with '1') the four least significant 4 bits of your final word (i.e. W3, W2, W1 and W0). The com
Picstudent, if you do not already have it get the book "The final word on the 8051" from here: You can also get other nice goodies for the 8051 from this site. And are you really sure that you can not get 89C51RD2 from Philips or AT89C51RD2 from Atmel in your contry? Because both chips have 1K Xdata me
Download "The final word on the 8051" and many more goodies from here: best regards
I recommand you: "THE final word ON THE 8051" by Matthew Chapman, 1994. Hope this help, //a
Salam, Search for "final word 8051 " book at EDABoard. And read chapter 10 (i think) about "Networking using 8051" Bye
it's a kind of mixed-signal, you apply the clock and the control word as the input, use analog low pass filter at output, then you can check the voltage level change at the final output. or just check the randow change of duty-cycle of the digital output in HDL simulator.
You can find a lot 8051 related stuff here: Look for example for "the final word on the 8051" best regards
It should be a process at final stage of ASIC design, but I don't know it's accurate meaning