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See your model files: there you can find the low field mobility (U0) and TOX, the Thin OXide thickness to calculate your kn, kp values. Also, the corresponding threshold voltage (VTH0) value will be found there.
Depends on the models (which LEVEL or BSIM model) you have available. You should find these parameters in the model file(s): Vth as VTH0 Channel length modulation parameter as PCLM For Kn you need the low field channel carrier mobility U0 and Cox, which you can calculate from the SiO2 oxide thickness parameter TOX (or TOXP or TOXN).
I'm trying to find out the mobility of an nmos-transistor and captured the cadence operation point parameters -- where can i find the meaning of them? (I already had a look at the bsim4 and cadence docs but unfortunately I couldn't find the meaning of beff and u, are some cadence documents that specify there meaning?) (...)
1) You might just connect a FET as a MOS diode and bias it with 1uA/square and pick off the voltage, if you can't find a .probe syntax that gives you the operating point value. The model parameter value won't change. 2) mobility drops meanwhile, so you have a foot-race sort of situation. Extrinsic resistances also rise. That's why we use simulat
... is there any equation that clearly describe the relationship between those partial mobility and the final mobility used in simulation? I (also) didn't find such an equation in the BSIM470 Manual, but I think y
Thanks....I have understood how to find out Kp and Kn values but then how to simulate Cox?
... able yo find the noise of given technology what should be the coding for SPICE??? So why don't you ask earlier for what you really want? See the BSIM parameter definitions for noise!
Hello Everyone, I am working on a Phase locked loop. for that i have to construct a VCO, which is a current starved one, and hence i have to calculate the value of currents at different voltages. I am having trouble finding various parameters in technology parameter files given on the internet. These Parameters are: Threshold Voltage Un (mob
Hello, does anyone know how to extract the effective mobility value of a NMOS device in Cadence? Thank you in advance.
II-VI compounds are not necessarily insulating, but those oxides are also not necessarily semiconductors (or II-VI). I would suggest digging into II-VI semiconductor texts, material manufacturers' support docs, and see if you can find any discussion groups that are into that niche. It's less popular than III-V, mostly people doing electro- opti
How to find Vth,cox,mobility of mos in UMC180nm in cadence spectra
The threshold of CMOS inverter is dependent on mobilities of electrons and holes. In that aspect it is clear there is a dependence on temperature because the carrier mobility is dependent on temperature. Below pls. find the theory (Allen/Holberg). [QUOTE=Prashanth.vinnakota;1
... mobility ... can i find it in hspice?? Search the model file(s) for U0 !
Hello, I would like to find the values of carrier's mobility that HSpice using for simulation in 0.35um process. Does anyone know how? Thank you in advance
How can I find capacitance between gate and drain of NMOS in cadence.
hello! If for one transistor k=1/2(uCox) then which parameter in cadence is Cox and which is u (mobility)? An lambda? Can't find them. thx
if you just want to get equal rise and fall time, you can use a capacitor load and tansient analysis, find the rise and fall time of Vout, then adjust the W/L of NMOS and PMOS. usualy,the mobility ratio ?n/?p is not equal for different fab process. but the design theory is the same as what erikl's said.
I need to find electron diffusion current density(Jn), I have electron mobility(?n), electron concentration,q , but temperature is more than 300K, can i consider Dn-=13 cm2/s ? Jn = q Dn n(0)/Wb
i think the library provided by different foundry will use the same conventions. check the .mdl.scs file mobility is u0, you cannot find Cox but tox instead, you can calculate Cox by εoεsio2/tox, then you will get Kn=unCox and Kp=upCox
Hi, I am trying to find out what is the effective mobility my model has for a mosfet device in different temperatures. I tried .print ueff_n=par('lx132(xcirc0.xI50.m7)') But this gave 0. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks, sharas