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I am making tests with a ring oscillator (RO) in ADEL Cadence. But when I increase the size of the RO from 13 to 121 stages there are glitches in the output signal of the RO (image attached). How can I make the output frequency of the RO a stable signal? Because this is also generating errors for aging simulation in ADEL. 157428[/ATT
Hi All, I'm not sure if this thread should be in Analog or Digital but here it goes. I'm trying to find out why the next circuit was done. It is an op amp configured as a voltage follower. The input of the op amp is an PWM and the output is connected to the control voltage of an LED driver ( to control the string current). I wonder why
What are those little rectangles between n2 and n3, between n3 and n4, and between n4 and n5? Are they resistors, capacitors, inductors, or some combination of those? Show them for what they are, or if you want them to be completely general impedances, at least label them as Z3, Z4, etc. If you must account for capacitances internal to the FETs,
I designed a voltage doubler rectenna using qucsstudio free simulation tool. Since it is a bit more manual than ADS (with equally amazing capabilities nonetheless), there is need for extra input on the data display in terms of syntax to give you the graph you need. I have obtained the S11 and S21 plots of the rectenna but am struggling with getting
I am using launchpad board "TMS320F28069M ". While loading the program to the TMS320F28069M microcontroller there is no issue, but while debugging the program, it shows rise in temperature. We checked for the temperature of the controller and it shows around 40 - 45 degree Celsius. The same phenomenon is observed in our self made circuit board(usi
Hello all, I want to see the impact of noise in time domain on my circuit voltage nodes. I read the HSPICE manual and found trannoise command. I am not sure how should I set the parameters. I tried default values with only two Monte carlo samples. It took a lot of time. I am wondering which parameter has the most impact of simulation time, sinc
there is this and the surface mount codebook, a searchable 80 page pdf although i did not find 2u in either you might try searching a supplier, such as digikey or mouser for surface mount diodes if you know any other parameters, you can narrow the search you can get a comparab
Here's the circuit, as shown in fig1, There's Supply from adapter(9.5V DC), there's also a supply from the battery(8.4V Max). Diodes used(D1,D2) are shottky diodes, with a typical drop of (0.3V-0.5V). The problem i was facing was even though battery voltage at given point of time is less than Adapter Voltage(ADPT), At TP3, I was still getting batte
I have been digging through various forums and internet articles searching for a current sensing relay circuit that will activate a low voltage relay when the circuit senses a 120v machine drawing 5 or more amps of power. I have hand drawn a schematic and is attached. My desire is to activate a low voltage circuit by simply "closing" the
you run the risk of frying the igbt - try a relay ... Prefer not to use a relay if possible. If I were to use a relay the NTC has to go on the line side since I have found no PCB mount relays that can handle the DC voltage/current. Not using any off-board contactors/relays. p
Hi, What do I do when I don't find the component in the libraries? Most of them are standard parts, like the pinhead connectors. I'm sure there are libraries for them. But if you don't find, then do what is the most obvious (and already suggested in similar threads): draw your own. Either by copying an existing part and modify it..
what do we mean when we say "current adds up in phase"? For a wire antenna, there's already a current arises from feed source and it causes antenna to radiate, then why we emphasize 'adds up in phase'. It sounds like we use a second source to increase the radiation. Doesn't it?
Hello, I am trying to apply an adaptive biasing technique to source the differential pair of the fully differential amplifier, the adaptive biasing source a current of let say Ib under small signal condition. Under slewing or large signal behavoiral this current is increased proportionally to the input difference amplitude. My question, I alr
Dear, i will be grateful if anyone can send me the matlab code for using Method of Moment technique to find out s11, directivity and gain of dipole antenna. Thanx
Hi everyone, As part of the course i took in analog circuit i required to design an amplifier with these values: Rin= 52kohm Rout = 53 ohm A=35 gain in db F-3dblow = 400hz F-3dbhigh = 400khz M1= 40db/dec M2 = -20 db/dec Dc supply voltage are : +5 v , -5v Transitors are ntype BJT My idea was using a simple CE amplifier with 2 resis
hi all right now am designing three phase protection circuit for that i planned to measure the voltage using resistor net work method, herewith i had attached my circuit and my volt measuring code, everything working good but in sometimes the R phase connected to AN0 pin shows high reading, kindly go through my code and give your valuable sugges
You may use another single pole relay.. R U asking for one more PCB Type relay OR to replace what i have already shown SPDT? I have had google but not find particular model, in which my one can be replaced, would u please let me know about that particular model? tnx
Hi, I have designed a temp controller. The temp from the sensor is measured and amplified. I have an relay in my circuit. The relay is connected with the Analog port, but in different pin. Whenever the relay gets turned on the ADC value gets increased. The voltage reference is same at all instance. The chip i have used : Atmega3208.
hai i have watched a video that display a circuit 1.5 to 220v ac inverter is it true plz must ans me if its
I have a VCVS instance in my schematic design. I can't find VCVS in layout after generate from schematic because there is no VCVS PDK in Layout. How can solve this problem? Thanks. Attached is VCVS symbol in schematic.

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