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Hello How can find zeros & poles of circuit in Pspice(Ac sweep)?
Hi Zorro, Did you check it by calculation? What is a "feedback loop formed by the R"? A loop consisting of one single resistor? I don`t think it works - even if considered as an academic exercise only. Do the calculation - and you will be convinced. Regards LvW Hi, I'm back in order to answer this point. This is
I find the stability analysis (stb) tool convenient yet untrustworthy. If there is anything "funny" it will give you results that don't make sense without saying why. Always look at the simple gain / phase frequency analysis plot if you have any doubt at all about reasonableness.
Hi my friends! I know that what are the pole and zero . but i don't know that how can i find the place of pole and zero of my circuit. and i don't know that how can i optimum those with feed back . i need a simple and practical article about it. (my mean is that i want to move the place of (...)
When I tried to find input impedance function's pole zero of a parallel LC network using Multisim pole zero analysis, I get following message " ........... | | doAnalyses: matrix is singular | | | | | | pz simulation(s) aborted " The circuit as well as log (...)
How would you find the KD coefficient for a PID controller when the system being controlled has a transfer function with a 3rd order, or higher odd number, characteristic equation? Could you add a circuit to place a zero at the same frequency as the odd pole? (the one other than the two that can be adjusted via KD for (...)
Hi, Do you what Hspice to find the correct value for Rc and Cc then only way i can think of it is, using optimization. Look into the SA manual for usage. This is some wht automatic. other way is to do data sweep different set of values for u r Rc and Cc. Here you have to check the results u r self. Upto my understanding this Rc and Cc has
Hi, Can someone tell me how to do a pole-zero analysis (extraction) with Matlab? I assume there should be a function for that. Say, I can get from circuit simulation magnitude, phase and frequency points (or correspondingly Re, Im and frequency points). How can I use this to find the poles and (...)
Hi, I find it is hard to get the pole and the zero in an analog IC accurately。 Can anyone recommend me some books or papers for that, or some experience and advise about that, please. Thank you! Best regards.
Ive never relied on the .pz command , I would just make a mag and phase plot and find the poles/zeros looking at the plots.. I think even in the Hspice manual it recommends not using the .pz command.
You can find some explainations in this

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