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You'll find calculators for coil spring resonance frequency on the internet, e.g. finding the wire material's shear modulus is the major problem.
Your tank circuit must operate at some nominal frequency either with no object in it and with a object in it. So find the first frequency is easy, so set your sweep frequency ,say 20% lower. Then put in the largest object with the most lossy material into the coil and see what frequency the circuit resonates (...)
Hi, I am simulating to find the resonance frequency and measured quality factor of some CPW transmission line resonator with a short circuit as termination. They are coupled to the feedline via a series coupling capacitor. I set the length from the coupling cap to the short-to-GND, then I applied a sheet and set the boundary as lumped (...)
If you reverse engineer the drum HV bias generators used in large laser printers you will find they use a step up transformer in a resonant oscillator mode. Thus no EMI is generated with the sine wave output. No bridge multipliers are needed, just rectify with a string of 500V rated 1/4W resistors for DC voltage feedback. PWM control is used to ge
hello, i have a project about designing circler SRR split ring with resonance frequency of 10GHz, however i could find any physical characteristics of the curcler ring. if someone can guide me to some papres i will be tankful. noris.
(3) Case style 0603,how we have to read exactly SRF and frequency. 1. Choose your C value where you want to find the SRF. 2. find that value on the x axis 3. From that point on the x axis, draw a vertical line. 4. find the intersection of your vertical line with the blue curve (blue for 0603 size, as show in the
Hi, I simulated a patch antenna with coaxial feed to resonate at 2.8 GHz with a return loss of -20 dB and no resonance elsewhere. Please find attached my model. I fabricated this antenna and tested it. The fabricated antenna has return loss of only -3.6 dB at 2.8 GHz whereas it is resonating at 5.8 GHz with a return loss of -20 dB. Please
On page 6 of AN57 by, it states that the resonant frequency of the Power stage LC should be greater than 500Hz... Why is this?...I could not find out from the forum.
How can we find the frequency resonance of the inductance and its quality factor by HFSS?
Hi, I need to find some way to generate 10V to 15V sine wave voltage from 3V battery with minimum current consumption (<100uA), the load is negligible - 1Meg @ 5pf. One very attractive solution is to use the resonance of quartz or ceramic crystals and to get high voltage straight from the crystal. The problem is that I can't find any (...)
I want to use psp analysis to match the input resistance of power amplifier to 50 ohm, i measure Zin real and imaginary and then match them using smith chart software, but then when i measure s11 using psp, i find strange results (either shift in the resonance frequency or no matching at all) if i use s parameter analysis the results are (...)
Hello I have a sinusoidal signal generator connected in series with a toroidal choke and the choke is connected to the oscilloscope to the ground. As I vary the frequency of the generator I notice dips and peaks of the sinusoidal waveform on the scope. I find the maximum peak which is at a specific frequency. Then I reduce the number of (...)
Hi you can use from energy curve to find resonant frequencies in a cavity. So,you have to follow these steps: 1. recored E field components in one point at cavity,in time domain. 2. use from energy formula,to get energy in time domain. 3. use FFT to convert energy from time domain to frequency domain. 4. plot energy in frequency domain (...)
Derive its transfer function and then find the poles and zeros. They will give you an idea about resonance or frequency response of the circuit.
Hello, I am doing a simple simulation of a box (A x B x D) and using eigenmode to find resonance. However HFSS is giving me the lowest frequency for TE101, but is seeming to ignore the TM110 mode (which should be at a much lower frequency). Any suggestions on how I can have HFSS properly detect the TM110 mode? Note: A (...)
Hi, maybe I find a bug in Hfss. A patch on the outside surface of a cylinder, at first, the resonance frequency is 2.45G, then rotate the patch about the z-axis 12 degree, and get a different resonance frequency :2.20G. And I find when the angle is 45,90, 135 and so on, the (...)
Hi all, i am doing a project about EM simulation for dielectric fractal Menger Sponge Stage 2. I am using CST MWS as simulator. The objective is to send the incident plane wave torward the structure and find out the resonance frequency for which the EM fields are localised in the structure. I tried plane wave and wave ports method. But it is (...)
hi i need a simple analytics expression of height frequency passive circuit. to find capacitance and inductance for example base on metallics lines and relative permittivity of substrat
I guess you need to find the resonance first. There must be problems with your simulation.
Hello i have a fiber ring resonator in my problem. i must solve it with FDTD method.How to find resonance frequency and BOUNDARY CONDITION? thanks