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Hi all, I am looking for a statistics about rate of various kind of IGBT failures. I have searched the web but I couldn't find any information that has determined open-circuit (blow-up, bond lift up,...), short-circuit rates separately. I would be grateful if somebody introduce me a reference that is include this (...)
I think you have a defective transistor. I think you destroyed the BC547 by using it to drive the short circuit you had. 12W from 12V is a load resistance of 12 ohms. You measure 0.4V across it so its leakage current is 0.4V/12 ohms= 33.3mA which is a lot. It is easy to find out of the BD438 is good and the BC547 is bad, simply (...)
Hi, I am simulating to find the resonance frequency and measured quality factor of some CPW transmission line resonator with a short circuit as termination. They are coupled to the feedline via a series coupling capacitor. I set the length from the coupling cap to the short-to-GND, then I applied a sheet and set the (...)
119986 :-? having trouble for solving this circuit from wikipedia To find the equivalent, find the Norton current INo. Calculate the output current, IAB, with a short circuit as the load (meaning 0 resistance between A and B). This is INo. so ino = i *15/(15+(15||15))*(15/(15+15)) = 0.12a
Hello everyone, I have designed this gilbert mixer circuit. please tell me what circuit can i use for input and output impedance matching circuit for getting maximum power transfer??? How to find out the input and output impedance of the circuit?? obrazki.elektro
You should first tey and find the threat source or info about it (if this is a field return). Then, what you mean by "burned out" along with what you know about the event, may lead you somewhere. Those zeners / TVSes have peak current and short term average current and short/medium term power limits. An ESD event of classical form (...)
short answer: no. 5V (less the LED drop) across 100K would only give you about 30 microamps. Unless you have an optocoupler that can work with this low current, you'll need to find another method. I'm not sure what you mean by "My scope is need to check the voltages". If you are using a scope, what do you need optos and rectifiers for?
I am looking for a short circuit locator or milli/micro ohm meter, to find where we have a short circuit on a digital PCB. For some reason it is extremely hard to find. For example there is the Polar Instruments ToneOhm device that we had in my previous job, it is on the Polar website, but (...)
thanks for your kind advices. I wikk. - - - Updated - - - Hi,Eshal thank you for your reply. I know how to draw an equivalent model of the NPN BJT. And i can work out 'input impedance(Zi)' , 'output impedance(Zo)' and 'voltage gain(Av)' without considering about the output resistor(Ro) of NPN BJT. [A
Can you find another powersupply? That way you will know whether the problem is in power-supply or computer. Powe supply delivers 19 V and 39,5mA when only connect to laptop, pressing the power button causes a brief spike current consumption so that I can’t see the value and at that moment one of the elements begins qu
Hi, Please find Maxims Application note, It will do what you are looking for, There are many similar products available for high side drive with shortcircuit protection, LT also have some chips PROFET?: Smart High Side Switches from Infeneon also do same purpose Grittin
Hello experts! I have some questions given in the class. My teacher said that find them on the internet. But she didn't teach us this topic. She said, first all student find some information about this then we will discuss in the next class about stub. I know what stubs are. But I tried to find the types of the stubs and unfortunately, (...)
A 741 and probably ALL opamps have output current limiting so that a shorted load simply causes the opamp to get hot if the power supply voltage is high. It takes time to get hot enough to be damaged. During the time it is warming up you can find which part in its load is shorted. I don't know which version 741 the circuit (...)
Danny does not understand about simple electrical heating. My daughter bought a new home but the electrical circuit breakers were not marked. How do I find out which breaker powers which outlet? A lamp, a walkie-talkie (or running up and down stairs), a second person and flipping the breakers all day? Simple. I made a power cord with a dead
My SONY TV not power on due to power supply board short part is not available in market that is D609 IC, so how find alternative ic for same or where to buy ....if any web link please suggest... I am living in chennai, i searched in all shop not available...if any alternative please suggest...or any find (...)
This is a sledge hammer to ***** a nut. The best way is to find out what the landlords breaker is rated at, and install your own one which is much more sensitive. i.e. if the land lords breaker is 15 A, use a 2A. This way your one will trip before his one. Or use the lightbulb idea, install a switch across it so once you have ascertained that the
Similar to Pinout's method is a low resistance measuring meter. They generally use a 4-wire measurement to allow very low resistances to be traced and a tone generator giving different pitch per milliohm measured. By probing along tracks it is possible to find the lowest resistance point which is of course where the short circuit is. They (...)
Hi, find the short circuit ! Have you got everything plugged in the right way around ? When you say other things are working, like you mean the display is on ok ? Have you made any modifications to the board that might have created a short by poor soldering or wrong component ?? Getting hot and drawing 500ma (...)
Mspagon, the best method to find an answer to your question is to find the transfer function for both cases. You have to do nothing else than to apply the classical voltage divider formula for the parts R and X=1/jwC. Then, apply the formulas to see what happens if the frequency w=2*Pi*f is rising starting at 0 Hz. I am sure you will see what happ
Try to find transistors from BFR series. BFR 90, 91, 92, 93. They are cheap, and still available in most places. If the circuit has clean construction, with very short terminals and use solid ground (Manhattan style), can work even at few GHz.