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It is presumed that you have already made researches and realized that this work would involve basically a small capacitive sensor screen, a non-trivial program of pattern recognition in more than one layer, and a database management. Therefore, unless you want to develop something from scratch in some years of hard work, the best thing to do is to
hi .i'm a student of 3rd yr electronics .i'm just new to matlab. i want to start with finger print recognition at a simple level . can any one suggest me what are the things one must learn before doing image processing and where to start with. i have read about fingerprint recognition and (...)
hi can anyone tell me where can i find a program for finger KNUCKLE print recognition using Digital Image Processing in MATLAB
hello, i am working on a finger print recognition system which can match images with different orientation. i have made code for matching with same orientation but can't apply it to different orientation image. does anyone know how to do it. please help...
I am making a finger print based attendance system. so,i want help from you all ....... plz tell which SENOR should i use.. and how to interface it with microcontroller. help plz... I am using AAT77C105A as fingerprint sensor(swipe sensor), uC(P89V51RD2). Any one here plz help me in making the project (...)
You van try nitgen finger print recognizer.. It may check all finger prints in your database....
Does anyone has pdf or djvu file ; "handbook of fingerprint recognition -2nd edition (2009)"? If u have it, please send to me, gwkim007 at thanks
in search You will find that code you want. npa Added after 9 minutes: you will find finger print recognition
Hi, This is my first post here in this website. I have to develop a software for finger print recognition. Is there any sample codes available here in this site? Please help me in finding the same. Thanks
please i would need a detailed code that will work on a finger print recognition system.
I need matlab code in minutiae match also with finger print data base to proceed with my project on fingerprint recognition though i have stated with the code but i can proceed further can any one be of help to me. Thanks
hi to all I am new to the field of digital image processing. I want to the project on the finger print recognition system. But I dont have idea on how to start. can anybody provide me the document related to this which is suitable for beginner like me. thanx in advance
Im starting a project on finger print recognition.. Can anyone tell me where to begin? What software and tools to use
HELLO i am workin on the finger print recognition project ..... i am done with the matchin of the images .... but now i am totally cluless about plotting the FAR N FRR curves so i'd be really greatful if someone tells me how to plot the curves with FAR ,FRR and the threshold (...)
hi.... :| i m doing project on finger print recognition...currently i m on image segmentation stage and doing block estimamtion direction....i m following thesis of WUZHILI (99050056)...and understanding i want to know that why only sobel filters are used in finding gradients... and y least square approximation is used for the block
PLease, I need your help in selecting projects topics. I submitted three topics to my supervisor and he turned them down saying they are common topics. Though I thought of one - finger print recognition system for security, I still need ideas and time is fast running out. I'd appreciate it if i can get a reply by tomorrow. Thanks
from where i find description and explanation of fingerprints recognition code which i have downloadded from ur site.