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hi this is swetha, am facing some problem in interfacing fingerprint with at89c52. actually i have brought R305 finger print. And am planning to read the com port using php application for displaying the persons photograph on desktop. But facing some problem in reading the port. can i do this for at89c52 as for ardino please help me in doing th
i am working on a fingerprint security project, based on what i read so far i decided to go for at89s52 as my microcontroller, but i got stucked when i decided to simulate my circuit on proteus isis 7.8 electronics schematic software i am using. the software offers me at89c52 i didnt see at89s52 . so i am stuck between using at89c52 but am scared i
I want to bulid a low cost "Fingure Print capturing device". Some basic search regarding ready to use modules suggest that, capturing fingerprint can be done by using an optical CCD sensor along with some driving circuit. But i was not able to search any optical CCD's as such, Has any one used / knows optical CCD's suitable for this application
hello, we r doing d same project so requesting to send the coding,circuit diagram and documentation for the fingerprint ATTENDENCE SYSTEM
You can simply buy an OEM module like bellow, and communicate with it : fingerprint sensors, OEM optical fingerprint modules, OEM standalone fingerprint module, fingerprint chip, fingerprint IC, fingerprint circuit, fingerprint controller, (...)
hi how can i control door with fingerprint module? suggest a circuit please thank you
can i use a pic16f872 with mbf200 fingerprint sensor. if so can anyone help me with the circuit diagram for that
please help me i want to interface fingerprint detector with microcontroller 89c51 and then i want to interface it with GSM moderm any body have the circuit diagrm. pls mail me my email id is
Hi. can ani one help me in finding the block and circuit diagram of wireless fingerprint attendence system.
Hi all I've got this MBF200 fingerprint sensor from FUJITSU connected to 8051 MCU trough the 8-bit bus interface. My problem is that when i init the MBF200 the automatic finger detect circuit gives interrupt when there is not finger present on the sensor.