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Hi all, i'm about to finish a little project of an stereo 22wat audio amplifier. The final step for me is to connect an stereo potentiometer to a couple of RCA conectors. I've got no idea what RCA pin has to be connected to what pin of the potentiometer. If anyone here could get me some picture or advice about it it will be great. Thanks in adva
4 Layer Immersion Gold PCB Material: FR-4 Layer Count: 4L Thickness: 1.0mm Min. Hole Size: / Min. Trace Width/Spacing: / Surface finish: Immersion Gold Technical Feature: / 129709 Contact me, let's talk details. Best regards, Darren Yang Marketing Executive Shenzhen Benqiang Electronics Co., Ltd. No
8 Layer Hi-Tg Immersion Gold PCB Material: FR4 Layer Count: 8L Thickness: 1.6mm Min. Hole Size: 0.2mm Min. Trace Width/Spacing: 4/4mil Surface finish: Immersion Gold Technical Feature: Resin hole plugging + 2BGA 129708
I am a new Altium Designer user, and I only have five days to finish a flyback power supply design project assigned by my advisor. Basically, it is a very fundamental and common scheme. But I didn't use this software before. Can anyone give me suggestions to facilitate my using of this software? I mean, five days later, can I make it true to genera
Hi everyone! I am quite new to Verilog and FPGA but I need to create a project using Verilog for Altera DE1. I have less than 2 months to finish the project. Any recommendations? Well, I was able to create simple projects like Digital Alarm Clock, 4-level Elevator System and other simple stuffs. But this time I need to (...)
For my project I need to set up a temperature profile but the profile should NOT start from an ambient temperature ,that can be as low as 20C , but from a higher temperature, for example from 150C. Also it should finish at that temperature 150C. Will I need two PID controllers or one will be enough? And what kind of the controllers_ ALtec P4
To make a reliable power supply for your project, use a battery or make a regulated laboratory power supply from a 12 V, 1A wall power source. Some types are available with a switchable voltage output, but add a filter and adjustable regulator with LM317 T or 7805...7812 IC. Only after you finish your project and check the exact voltage and (...)
Hello, Did you finish your project well? What is your system solenoid inductor value? and Did you test the shape of the current through solenoid? or the shape of the input of ADC pin? Thank you
hi, In a project I use ATXmega128A1 and save font and icons in hex mode in flash and use them for display on TFT LCD, the flash memory of ATXmega128A1 is almost full and my code is not finish. so I need more flash memory, I find out NAND flash on EBI is good for this problem. now I have this questions: 1) can I use nand flash like ATXmega128A
Hello, I have some issues to debug a project based on Altera stratixIII_3sl150. (Quartus 9.0, Nios II 9.0) My problem is: The execution of my program (c/c++) in visual studio is fine and its build in niosII is fine. When i launch the debug in niosII, the project starts give results but it is suspended without finish the execution of (...)
hi finally i finish my simulation and fabrication of dual band microstrip antenna for wimax application my question is how to compare S11 plot of hfss (simulation ) and S11 of vector analyzer (measured ) on the same graph or plot.
i am working on LNA on ADS for which i need TSMC 0.13 RF PDK, i would appreciate if someone can help me getting these files. Please help me..........i need to finish this project
Hi i'm newbie ....i found an code for can bus in mikroc work fine with mikroc but i want to finish my project in microc pro Does somebody help me to convert my .c file in .c pro??? i think my prob is about syntax an variable declaration... Thanks...
Wow. You have to finish this report by tomorrow - and you've done no work yet? I think you're screwed
Hi I'm trying to finish a project im working on, and im out of the normal 0.1 nF ceramic capacitors, I have Y2 0.1 nF capacitors, will these do the same job as the ceramic ones? I know its sounds a bit stupid, but I dont want to risk it! Thanks
file>new project> give pgm name and location>next>select prefer language as vhdl>finish now right click on the name that appears on the top left>create new source>select vhdl module>give input and output port>finish now u can write the code
Hi friends, Can anyone help me to find the SOI cmos model parameters in 180nm technology because at present i am working in SOI concept if anyone send the SOI model parameters then it will help me lot to finish my
Hello everyone I am trying to finish my university project. I like and try to do it independently but now I just face a problem at start and I dont know what to do. and I will be grateful if anyone help. I have two questions. I should work with
Hi everyone , Does anyone can help me on my project? i need matlab simulations of ? A Blind Algorithm for Estimating Pseudo-noise Sequence of DSSS Signal in Lower SNR Conditions ? . If anyone have it sent me : It as i need to submit my results very soon and these codes would help me finish my report in time Be
Hi I'm new with HFSS and have no time at the moment. I have a project that is needed to be designed with HFSS. I've come to some point but can't finish it on HFSS! So I was wondering if somebody could Design it for me,PLEASE. This means alot to me. I Just need the HFSS file of the project. The PDF file of the project is (...)