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Hello, In ie3d first I am using the patch with Infinte ground plane. The results were quite good.But when I use the finite ground the results are not upto the mark. Can any one suggest that how can I include the finite ground in microstrip antenna. and after inserting it what is the (...)
Hello everyone.. I need some help in implementing chip resistor in a patch antenna in ie3d in vertical direction i.e between the top metal patch layer and the finite ground plane in vertical direction. I am doing this for reducing size of the antenna.. Thank you..
i am currently doing my project work related to Defected ground Plane Structures in ie3d.I am facing an error while simulating the DGS antenna or any finite ground plane queries are : 1) what feeding mechanism is used for finite ground plane structures 2)how to we define the port for (...)
hi, please send me above specification .geo file.... m stuck with trial and error method. further i need to implement wilkinson pwer divider. so please send me .geo file with finite ground plane. m working on ie3d
hello this time, i want to know about inset feed using ie3d. in ie3d when we have to set the finite ground plane then we have to put the value 0 to real part of conductivity in the 0 layer in the basic parameters but we want to give inset feed then do we still follow the same procedure to set the ground (...)
i already have a structure for printed monopole antenna but i can't build it....i can't define a finite ground? and if some one can help me to understand this structure...thank
In case of horizontally-finite groundplane, you can first define a metal type of 1-mm thickness, then assign the finite groundplane to this metal type. In case of infinite groundplane, there is no way to realize this in ie3d if the groundplane is highly (...)
i want to ask that. in ie3d, does finite dielectric means ground plane in ie3d?
i dont think dats d far as i ie3d finite ground plane is only possible by setting real part of conductivity of 0 layer to 0 and den d process i mentioned before.... regards
For infinity gnd plane anything drawn on it will be treated as a slot. For finite gnd just cut slot like top patch.
hello sir, i am working on designing of microstrip antenna on infinite plane using ie3d zeland software but now to design ultra wide band i want to work on finite ground plane kindly give me the steps to do this i know that to make finite ground plane i should put conductivity=0 but (...)
i have been using ie3d. but the sample folder installed in my computer has been "corrupted" please can anyone upload the sample folder or send it to my e-mail id "" the other problem is,i want finite ground plane which i got in sample folder,but i want air on same at z=0 above the finite (...)
I find it difficult to design UWB antenna in ie3d having finite ground plane. Can someone please help me by telling which type of ports to be used for the microstrip feed with finite ground plane and how to make a finite ground plane as in ie3d, by default, (...)
Hi, I am new to ie3d and am trying to learn it. I would like to use it to design PCB antennas (inverted-F, meander line, etc.). Most examples I've read so far use an infinite ground plane. My question is: what is the difference between using an infinite and a finite ground plane? (...)
Hi all! I'm new with simulation and antenna design. I'm triying to simulate a probe-fed rectangular patch antenna on a finite ground plane. I designed this antenna by transmission line model using fiberglass as dielectric substrate with Er=4.4 and h=1.52mm. The size of this patch is L=29.47mm and W=38.03mm. The size of the ground plane (...)
Hi everyone, I want to model radiation pattern of a dipole antenna above a finite ground plane with Method of Moments (without Software like ie3d or FEKO), but i don't know how. my main problem is in finding Integral Equation of problem. can anyone help me??? Thanks,
Hi Jian, To start with I am simulating pifa antenna using ie3d, extension for mmic scheme. and the design was working perfectly too.. In pifa I am using finite ground plane, so differential feeding I am providing to the structure having 1 mm distance from (finite) ground plane.. THe problem is coming (...)
Hi lovhana The difference, between simulations using infinite substrate and finite substrate with ground, is that you get nulls all around in 90 because there is no energy beyond the ground. And No back lobes that exist in finite substrate with ground plane. there is differenc in the (...)
You can define substrate, finite ground plane etc. in ie3d. In the help file of ie3d you can find example how to define all these.
Is it possible to modify a ground plane using ie3d software. Is it possible to design a W shape ground plane using ie3d software.?? yes it is possible. Initial step is to define infinite ground plane to finite and then proceed (structure polygon) with respect to your (...)