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can anyone pls suggest me how to select substrate dimension (finite) on ie3d 12.0
i dont think dats d far as i ie3d finite ground plane is only possible by setting real part of conductivity of 0 layer to 0 and den d process i mentioned before.... regards
Dears, I made design of UWB antenna with finite substrate and microstrip feed line , i want to know if there is any mistake in drawing (specially for finite substrate and port feed on edge) and the result of simulation takes much time , i attached file that have Hexagonal Antenna for UWB applications. UWB antenna (...)
Dears, Please help me to solve the problem of UWB antenna design , error message appeared to me when i pressed on simulation button and this message told me " The magentic current modeling with finite dielectrics has not been implemented." I attached file design and snap shoot for error message. Thanks,
Dears, I have a question how can i draw finite substrate frame in ie3d software? Thanks.
Hi all! I'm new with simulation and antenna design. I'm triying to simulate a probe-fed rectangular patch antenna on a finite ground plane. I designed this antenna by transmission line model using fiberglass as dielectric substrate with Er=4.4 and h=1.52mm. The size of this patch is L=29.47mm and W=38.03mm. The size of the ground plane is Lg=3
Hi lovhana The difference, between simulations using infinite substrate and finite substrate with ground, is that you get nulls all around in 90° because there is no energy beyond the ground. And No back lobes that exist in finite substrate with ground plane. there is differenc in the (...)
You can define substrate, finite ground plane etc. in ie3d. In the help file of ie3d you can find example how to define all these.
Hi, I am trying to set up a model in ie3d for a printed dipole. The problem is how to definite the finite FR4 substrate. Please help me. Thanks!
Hi, Authur568: It should be due to the meshing density is not large enough or meshing may not be fully aligned. Meshing alignment is very important for finite dielectrics modeling. Also, we did not take into account of the Er of the finite substrate in estimating the waveguide wavelength. The Er of the finite (...)
What do you mean half ground plane? On ie3d, you can define infinite ground on substrate or you can define finite ground plane using some polygons. If it is semi-infinite ground, you need to use finite ground to model it. You just add some polygons to represent the finite (...)
Im trying to model a patch antenna on a finite ground and substrate.I followed the manual in creating the finite substrate.But after the meshing when i try and simulate, it gives me an error message. "remove current graph from list remove current graph from list of simulating finite dielectrics" Could (...)
Hi, Bugpa: Please note the following fact for using ie3d for an antipodal Vivaldi antenna. If you model it as infinite substrate, you should be able to get resaonable s-parameters. However, the pattern may not be good because the main beam is in the infinite substrate direction. ie3d has (...)
Dear h.f, here are some small guidelines, try not to use FEM codes such as HFSS except for small antennas otherwise the simulation time would be extremely long. The best software for this purpose are ie3d which has a trial version but does not support finite substrate (at least untill version 10) , CST Microwave studio and XFDTD. (...)
For infinite gnd and substrate 1. You need to change the connector dia according to requirement. 2. Change feed impedance to 100 in Modua For finite gnd and substrate just draw the entire feed including inner and outer conductor of the coaxial probe. Hi to all, I am presently engaged in design of folded (...)
HI, I am wondering if I can define finite substrate in ie3d. I find the default substrate size is too big. Thank you. danda821
hi , can anybody plz suggest me how to feed(the port definition) a rectangular microstrip patch antenna (resonating at 30 GHz) with a microstrip inset feed line over finite ground and finite dielectric layer(about 0.35mm thick and of same size as the finite ground i.e. 15mmx15mm)in ie3d.i want to know how to define port (...)
Hi, Does anybody know how to define finite substrate in ie3d 10.1 ?
Hi... The error may be due to the infinite substrate. change to air may be obtain better result