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i m doing a project on implementation of iir filters using system generator based fpga. i m using spartan 3 starter kit for this purpose however i m facing problem as it is not providing me with any iir filter response while on the same fpga fir filters are working properly, can sombody help (...)
If i use fir filter, order of HPF(remove DC) is very large. Yes, use simple first order iir.
The following are informative examples of iir filter design using PICs: Chapter 3: Infinite Impulse Response (iir) filters Microchip Appnote AN852: Implementing fir and iir Digital filters Using PIC18 Mic
Hello, I am trying to show the difference between the outputs of fir and iir filters. However the phase distortion in the iir filter output is not evident. Here are the scripts: (...)
95 kHz sampling rate sounds reasonable. What do you mean exactly with "but above 9KHz it is not stable"? Strictly spoken, fir filters are stable by nature. Did you verify the filter operation in Matlab with the numeric resolution used in the FPGA implementation? If you are implementing a Chebyshev filter of moderate (...)
Hi guys, anyone can help me on this? Thanks
Current Processors can compute 1 output per cycle for a 10 tap fir filter, may take 3-4 cycles per 1 output for a 10 tap iir filter. Hope that helps........
Hi, I am doing survey on "Hardware modules of Signal Processing", Anyone has any material related to fir/iir digital hardware using MACs? Useful links will also be helpful. Thanks, Regards, Naveed
How long is the wiring between the sensor and the micro? If it's long (like 40cm or so) then you might want to use a shielded cable for that. And what is the time constant or cutoff frequency of that RC filter? It might be just bad component calculation. Other solution would be to implement an iir or fir filter inside MCU, (...)
There's some code involved like CIC filter, fir filter, iir filter ,Cordic algorithm and FFT in the book "Digital Signal Processing with Field Programmable Gate Arrays".Hope it would be helpful.
Hi saatwik, I'm not specialized in audio technology (I guess you are speaking about audio applications), but I can guess that if fir filter are not used, this is because the same result is obtained more simply with iir. Of course, peak and notch filters can be made in fir. But: a) if the (...)
Here's a few links to DSP in C tutorials to get you started: Introduction to fir Digital filters The simple fir filter me with further filtering process, either iir or fir...the sampling ratewas 500Hz. is this rate ok?... Hi In ECG measurements, the most usual sampling rate is something 'even' multiple of standard main AC frequency in the country ( i.e.: n*2*60Hz / n*2*50Hz ). I worked with 240Hz. The reason to suc
help filter I expect if you read the docs, you'll find some option to get the extra samples at the end (for the fir case). likewise there's probably an option to provide initial conditions for iir filters.
the coefficients play a large role in the filter design. Any fir filter can be normalized (not including quantization issues). stable iir filters can also be normalized (and excluding quantization issues).
I am having a wave file i want to downsample the signal with lets suppose M= 5. So first i have to use Low pass filter of 6 KHz I know this can be done with upsample and downsample command of matlab but is there any a way i can do downsampling without built in command of matlab thanks
I am total beginner using Matlab so I need some help creating fir and iir filters with Mathlab. I have read audiofile: x=wavread('C:\Pinkpatka.wav',175142); and I should filter it with fir, which have these factors: I must also filter it with iir, which have (...)
Hi, Can you please elaborate further on what kind of a filter you wish to implement? iir or fir? And what is the sampling frequency for your problem? Also is the higher frequency cutoff 40KHz or 40MHz? Mohit
Hi, Can someone please tell me what the real time/industry applications of an fir filter are? A related question that was asked in an interview was - can the input to the filter be data directly from memory? (I was thinking that you might need some controller/processor to do that because it will decide what the data stored in the (...)
Clearly the answer depends on the type of impulse response. To represent an arbitrary impulse response, you would need a respective number of fir coefficients. Some classes of responses may be reproducable with a rather short iir structure, others not at all. Generally, the advantage of iir shows with representing time-continuous (...)