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Dear Friends, I want ckt should detect the smoke, and fire a alarm, also it should send an immediate sms to the security so that if he is not their then also it is possible to go their, actually it is very important company, where important files or money is their... I want it to interface with 89C51, detector yet not decide, please suggest m
I have a pic16f887 microcontroller and four types of sensors (temperature sensor , smoke sensor, ping, and motion sensor) connected to it to detect intrusion and fire i need to detect any incident and send at command to the gsm to call the police and play a recorded voice to alarm for the incident ... i know how to place a call and how to (...)
I've also seen a lot of Freescale (formerly Motorola) 68HC08 and 68HC16 microcontrollers on fire alarm control panels ...
Hi... I am working on a project where I need to interface a fire sensor. I have searched on google about the fire sensor modules, but all I got is the module which gives alarm on detecting fire. However, I want a module which just detects fire and gives output in the form of current or voltage which (...)
Dear all, I am doing a fire alarm controller panel. In that i want to do, if there is any event comes, then we need to dial mobile or telephone number automatically. Is it possible with 8051 microcontroller with GSM or CDMA module. If possible means pls give me the GSM and CDMA module spec and how to interface to 8051. Thanks, (...)
Guys, i and my friend are going to do a fire and Smoke alarm. I have the circuit for the alarms, but what we want to do is that when the alarm is triggered, we want to call a mobile phone so as to tell that there is a smoke or fire in the house. So, could you people help us to make a circuit that can do (...)
To make a fire alarm using microcontroller such that the system should also sense the environmental temp, and the user gives it a temprature value as a barrier , and when the environmental temp exceedes that barrier the alarm should be switched on.The useof microcontroller is must. bcz it