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Hi, The usual way is to set the timing constraint first, then the compiler should optimize it to match the specifications. If you first set to 30MHz ... then there is no reason for a compiler to design/optimize it for higher frequency. Klaus
What format is the encoder data at the moment? Presumably analog if it needs converting first. Brian.
The low and high microstrip impedances can be chosen arbitrarily within certain useful limits. In the first place, substrate properties and feasible minimal and maximal conductor width are determining the choice. As far as I'm aware of, the criteria are discussed in the text books like the said one. There are filter design tools that suggest
Hello folks, Being bored with databases and data warehouses I decided to poke around in an area I always liked. picked up a starter pickit3 with the up mentioned MCU, quickly blinked a LED, then decided I really enjoy this whole stuff and started digging deeper. I am having some difficulties however controlling the blinking LED with a Timer i
One week news Atmosphere! Ali Pingtou brother is the first to announce the open source MCU chip platform On the 21st, at the 6th Wuzhen Internet Conference, Alibaba's Pingtou Ge Semiconductor announced that the open source RISC-V instruction set based low-power micro-control chip (MCU) design platform became the first domestic open source chi
Hi, I don't seem to get the story. Are you saying that your truck gets hit while it is parked in the parking lot? Is that your concern? That's what I gather from the OP's first post. Besides I work in a location with a crappy parking lot design that has a choke point in the lot that has straight in parking on both
Hello all! first of all, I want to apologize for my poor English. I'm from Russia. I have STM32F103C8 boad and I am trying to compile a project from this article (source code . zip) in the Atollic TrueSTUDIO for STM32 9.2.0 environment,
Hello all! first of all, I want to apologize for my poor English. I'm from Russia. I have STM32F103C8 boad and I am trying to compile a project from this article (source code . zip) in the Atollic TrueSTUDIO for STM32 9.2.0 environment,
Hello, I am new here and would like to greet all forum users first, :-) I have several questions probably due to lack of knowledge and experience. 1. IC1: cFeon EN29LV040A is the equivalent for IC2: SST39VF040-70? I have content written down from IC1 and I would like to write it on IC2. The saving process goes up to ca 50% and programming is
Hello! I'm intensively looking for a specific device. As you know, there are devices called FM transmitters for use in old cars, in which there are still old radios without a USB interface. Such a device in a sense "impersonates" a radio channel, giving itself music on a given frequency, which can then be played on our old-fashioned radio. So
Hello, I am working on a project for a course where I am required to design a differential OTA and implement the amplifier's feedback using switched capacitors. I would like to design the switched capacitor feedback network first, while i work out some kinks in my differential OTA, and thus would like to implement the feedback with an "idea
Hello, Does anyone happen to have video lecture for this stanford course by Prof. Murmann and would like to share it? I have lecture notes for 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2014 but I wish if I could get the lecture video. Thanks in advance. David
The first question has been already answered in general. If it specifically work with the said programmer has to be evaluated, or answered by the vendor. I guess yes. As for the second question, the linked AN may help you. Non standard baud rates need to be defined
Hi friends It seems to me that fundamental electric theory is no longer taught in school, which is a shame as it results in everyone having their own intuition and interpretation about it, leading to silly and time wasting discussions which everyone would be better without. In an attempt to rectify this, I have found a youtube video that disc
Hi everyone. I'm struggling with a tedious question about recovery losses associated withe body diode of the freewheling switch. Let's assume positive current entering the choke of a buck converter. During the dead time, body diode of freewheeling switch is ignited. What happen when the freewheeling MOSFET (low side device) is then gated? Cu
Hello, We have an electric heating element connected to the mains. We wish to regulate the temperature by skipping half mains cycles, as in the attached waveform (LTspice sim also attached). The power factor is great because mains current and voltage are always in phase. But is there any problem caused in the mains electricity system by this ON/O
Hi, I am designing toothed log periodic that covers 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz, 2600MHz, 2450MHz. I will be designing on 160cmx160cm board. What is typically the first step to design such antenna. Also, how can i determine the number of tooths/radiators require? Thanks.
OK, thanks. Indeed, some problems go away after you restart Virtuoso. It's probably the first thing to try, when debugging such problems.
Using the kT/C noise to calculate the unit cap is a reasonable approach. MOM caps usually used in the design of the cap dac for SARs match pretty well, maybe up to 10 bit accuracy and they keep their matching for many years. For 12 bit dac you may need to think of some sort of calibration for the first 2-3 MSB caps. Or use redundancy in the dac whi
Hello, I am interesting on enhancing the gain of the fully differential folded cascode amplifier as shown in the figure below, For the auxilary boost amplifier (AUX-N and AUX-B) I would like to use folded cascode amplifier. As these auxilary amplifiers are also fully differential amplifier they requires a CMFB as well. For the main amplifi

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