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Win8.1 and Win7 do not support installing older OS, due to the compromise in security with the boot loader in XP. You can make a flash drive bootable OS with RUFUS (free) and read about what to do next with something like EASYBCD for creating a dualboot or using the Win8.1 startup menu to edit the bootloader in advanced (...)
Check this thread When you program the lock bits then you are not able to program or read the mcu until you erase it, this is intended to protect the content of the mcu, as soon ad you do a full erase you can rewrite the flash memory. Your setting in the picture is for external RC and it is wrong
The P89V51RD2 has "In-Application Programming method" --> "Several In-Application Programming (IAP) calls are available for use by an application program to permit selective erasing, reading and programming of flash sectors, pages, security bit, configuration bytes, and device id."
Hi, I am working with your processor and have an application that requires I execute code from external flash. I have built a parallel programmer and can get the signature bytes. I cannot however perform a chip erase. Initially I was building an application using the ISP and Flip. As soon as I wrote to external (...)
Hi All, I'm using the SiLabs C8051F120 in a new design. I need to be sure of the following: 1) At manufacture time, the firmware will be injected to the chip via JTAG programmer. 2) flash READ operation is DISABLED by setting the READ security bits if attempted via JTAG connection. This will protect the firmware from being read back. But,
I hear people say that code in DSP flash is safer than in ROM, in terms of preventing reverse engineering. Could anyone tell me more about this :?: We are choosing chip for our h.264 decoder. Code security is a major consideration.
Our lab activity Research into security vulnerabilities of microcontrollers, MCUs,CPLDs and FPGAsDeveloping attack methods for MaskROM,EPROM, EEPROM, flash, Anti-fuse and FRAM memories Research into innovative attack technologies Evaluating of existing products against non-invasive, semi-invasive and (...)
Semiconductors Research Inc. offered services have been improved during last 2 years. Now we can offer: - Protected code extraction on microcontrollers, CPLD`s and other IC`s - Research into security vulnerabilities of microcontrollers, CPLD`s and FPGA`s - Developing attack methods for Mask ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, flash, (...)
Anybody who has an idea on how to play any digital recorded audio (.WAV / MIDI) from any device like flash drive or compact flash device? PIC Micro will read a particular addressed audio file for playback. The design is for a simple security system that instead of turning an alarm, PIC will pick an appropriate digital recorded audio (...)