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Dear all: I have problem in programming tc584000f flash eeprom.when i load binary file and i want program it the green programming..... Indicator for long time flashes and counter windows remain in 00000 and nothing done,please help me what do i?in attachment i show printscreen of system is pentium 5 and windows 98. Best (...)
A .wave file is an uncompressed form of audio storage and I assume that a PIC can easily process it and send samples to an ADC. Since a PIC does not have sufficient memory, rather than store a several KB or few MB of .wave files it makes sense to store them on an external flash or external EEPROM. However, this raises the question, how to (...)
Could you advice any file system to include in our project for IoT application? I hope that somebody on this forum had faced the similar problems. We are looking for solution allows to make three function: write, read, erase. The system should works fast and be insensitive to power failures. Firstly, we tried to use Coffee (...)
Hi everybody!! How can we read USB flash or other peripheral from PL side directly (does not involve CPU or DDR)on Zynq SoC? Can we use usb2.0 IP in this situation and what about file system?
to read/write file on flash you are going to need a file system. so you are going to implement a nios2 capable to load a file system code that will allow you to open,read and write files.
Currently, I have designed a second-order Sigma-delta ADC (fin = 20kHz, fs = 5MHz). In this ADC, a 2-bit flash ADC was adopted as a quantizer, and a 2-bit DAC was inserted into the feedback signal path. The attached file is the system architecture and the simulated results. 113250 According to the output spectrum of th
hi every one im trying to use keil rf-flash file system. i want to compile keils stm32f103 rl-flash example but it cant find Driver_MCI.h error is : Error instantiating RTE components Error #541: '::Drivers:MCI' API is missing, pack 'Keil.MDK-Middleware.5.1.0' is not installed i use keil5.12 & install rtx licence (...)
Hi all, I am working on SD card with LPC2148 in RTX-flash system, i am using NEX-robotics board it communicate via SPI0 but the RTX uses SSP in demo codes. I have changed the demo coding to SPI0 for the configuration, I have attached my changed file and original demo code with this. Can anyone did the SD interface with LPC2148 in RTX mean
Hello All I am using Keil - RL-flash FS to interface with SD-Card. I am having in difficulties with the configuration and Initialization of the card. Once I call the Init_Card(); the Uart Stops responding. I am not able to read or create a file. I dont know what I do is right or wrong. I am posting the project here. Please advise on this. Pleas
Hello, I am trying to implement a system that saves the FPGA configuration data to 2 flash PROMs (xcf04s) connected in Master Serial Mode to the FPGA (Spartan 3E 1200). What I have done so far 1. I have designed a simple test VHDL entity, verified its working. 2. I have configured the PROM with the bit stream by creating a
Are you writing through a file system or logical sectors directly? Is the SDCard (mostly) erased before writing data? Generally, the delay is most likely caused by internal housekeeping actions of the flash translation layer. It requires that from time to time physical blocks have to be erased and copied. Consider that the smallest write (...)
Hi, I have a query on deciding USB flash requirement. Is there a relation between USB controller(in Processor) and the Pen drive size that can be connected? Basically,if i have a USB host controller integrated in my processor,will i be able to connect a PEN drive of any size? Or are there any practical limitation? Regards, VJ
Hi....... I am implementing USB mass storage implementation on STM32. I have used on chip flash memory as mass storage. when i plug the is detected by PC(windows)... but is not formatted...i have only 256KB flash memory..which file system to be used for this small volume....
Hello! EEPROM or whatever external flash can store whatever you feed to it. You can even create a file system on one flash chip and make your PC believe it's an external USB memory. Well, you cannot do this with 8051, I guess. But at least you can program your external memory. Dora.
Possibly. I've personal only used the FTP Protocol to transfer a file. Have you implemented SD or MSD flash Card storage? BigDog
but that's not a typical spi flash controller,just 12 instructions do you need more? What are you exactly missing?
Hi, I am trying to interface LPC2138 with micrSD card(2-GB). I picked up the demo code for LPC2148 based on flash file system(since LPC2138 is almost the same as LPC2148 except for usb device peripheral). On running the code: I can see the menu on UART(uart is working fine). But it gives error: " MMC/SD card init failed.. Insert Card (...)
you can program it with serial port.. there is no need of an programmer.. connect controller UART to pc. use flash magic or anysoftware and download the hex file directly, without any programmer.......
dear all Can anyone tell me how I can load an image file like .tif on to the system ace compact flash embedded on virtex 2 Pro30 kit? also how i can make compact flash as storage area (for data) not for configure FPGA? wait your reply regards
Real-Time Library RL-ARM. Its like RTOS for ARM Features: RTX Real- Time Kernel - Royalty - free, deterministic RTOS with source code TCP/IP Networking Suite - Complete embedded networking suite flash file system - Create and modify files in memory or storage devices CAN Interface - Drivers for common ARM -based MCU (...)