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When I connected a newbie LPC11u68 to USB port,it recognized in windows as an USB mass storage device.When I programmed LPCOPEN HID example by flash magic to it,after resetting the board,my PC can't recognized it.Only when I pulled down PIO0_1(ISP selection pin)it still recognized as a Mass storage device.???
Hello Ragi There are several things need to be taken care while programming LPC2148 over USB to Serial Converter using flash magic Tool. There are plenty of different board manufacturer and every board/kit maker keep some setting which he feel comfortable to work with. In Embedded system every engineer has his own technique to optimize/over
which tool are you using to download the firmware to chip??? if you are using flash magic then try changing the baud rate ..
Do you use flash magic for upload?
Hi, I am using a LPC2148 development board but when i am burning hex code into board through flash magic it is not burning and error message is: Operation Failed. Failed to autobaud-Step that what can i will do.
flash magic don't have P89v51RD2FN, it has P89v51RD2 does it make any difference while programming. Is it why programmer couldn't communicate with the hardware and ultimately with the chip. just try with P89v51rd2xx as select controller instead of P89v51rd2 might affect.
Hi, I am using LPC2148 and I am using flash magic to program the microcontroller. The problem is my board programs good for few times. But sometimes it not gets programmed even after resetting (pressing the reset button) the micrcontroller for number of times. But some of the board is programming good for number of times. And why the microcont
but i think for the both IC .. the flash magic setting will be same
How to program P89V51RD2 using flash magic with USB ? what are the peripherals its need?
Hey Guys, Attempting to write a small code for measuring your heartbeat through your fingertip. Now its been years since I've done any programming but what I used to do was write the code in Keil and create the hex file from there,then use flash magic to download the code to a 8051 chip.I think it was placed into a development board and connected
Hi, Currently, flash magic can be used to control the ISP mode by using COM port handshaking devices by automatically place into ISP mode and then automatically will execute the code at the end of the writing operation. The microcontroller used is P89C51RD2HBA and this operation was successfully done using the DB9 RS232 connector. However, now,
I have "8051 Development Board Ver.3". For this I have P89v51RD2BN micro-controlller which supports ISP. In order to flash this I am using flash magic. i have configured the flash magic according to manual. Now the problem is once I click START button to burn , it says "Reset the device into ISP mode now". (...)
hello.. I have problem with serial programming p89v51rd2, because the micro-controller what I brought from market is working properly only for 2-3 time programming, after that if i want to program it, the flash magic shows the message that "reset the device into isp mode now" then pressing the reset button, nothing happens... i had also programm
This is what you want. You can make it by your own. You need flash magic (it's an open source software for student purpose). So download it from here Do post here if you've any other queries. All the best :) (Updated) this circuit will work with at89c51 as well with p89v51rd2
by using flash magic it will better i think bcoz rs-232 communication is required to communicate and transfer hex file from pc to controller.
I have problem with my ISP of NXP P89V51RD2 While programming when I try to Verify and program the flash magic show the window Like "Reset the device in ISP mode"...and when I press the reset pushbutton on my ISP board then it never gives response It stucked like this.... Please help me in this problem and what Test point I should have c
I am using flash magic to program my controller and is was working fine with me until I programmed the controller with #include void main() { TMOD = 0x20; TH1= 0xFD; SCON = 0x50; TR1 = 1; while(1) { SBUF = 'A' ; while(TI==0); TI = 0; while(RI==0); P1 = SBUF;
Hello, I am doing a project of Online Programming of Microcontroller. As flash magic sends the data on serial port, i want to send the same over internet via ethernet cable. Will you please help me to send serial port data over ethernet. Its very urgent. Please help me....
i am having baud rate problems in connecting arm lpc2129 with pc. philips flash magic tool used to program code but there is connection problem in it .kindly help me in this
I am using flash magic for programming P89V51RD2. But when i connect USB to serial cable with circuit board then pins of max232 (pin13,pin14,pin1,pin2) are getting shorted and voltage level on PORT1 of controller goes HIGH (4.8 V). So when i am trying to load the code it gives error "failed to read device signature(unable to transmit/receive)