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I'm working with small GSM SMS alarm controller using the SIM300 module. I have added a small microcontroller with RTC to one panel input, used to trigger a daily test message. The problem I'm having is after 8-10 days of reliable test messages, I'm getting a fast flashing network LED indication, alternating to no (...)
hi every one. I finished my project and test it a lot. So now I know my project works well and now I want to program it into the fpga. Previously I had spartan 3E board so I programed FPGA with JTAG cable. But now I need to know how can I program FPGA in system with help of flash and microcontroller. I am using xilinx FPGA 3s1600E. Thanks
hi you can test the RAM by writing a value to it, read it back and compare the same with the actual value.but have ever found such a problem? or you feel something is wrong with the RAM or ROM? when you program the controller with a standard programmer, it will check the flash by "varify" feature.if you are writing some thing to the any memory, you
Try serial flash 25L080 etc.
Maxim has a chip that can be a USB host *or* peripheral. The part is MAX3421E. It interfaces with a microcontroller using SPI. Use the MAX3421E as a host to control USB flash.
Hi You must have some tools to use with freescale controllers other wise quit now! :-). a bootloader is a software how run above your application hosted in the controler probably in the lower flash sctors. Yes,A bootloader can load,test & burn your application software into the microcontroller flash memory. From (...)