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Hi. Looking for a vendor stocking PCA9901 trainable flasher IC in the U.S. Do you know of a source ?
Hi, I'm currently working on a FRDM-KEAZ128 board. The plan is to then use this mcu on a custom PCB and program it. I looked for some programmers and there seems to be only two (Cyclone MAX and flasher ARM). Both are extremely expensive. Then I found this debugger but I don't know if I can program with it:
Hello all, I was asked by a friend to find a simple flashing LED circuit for his project. I found a cheap kit on ebay, and here is the schematic for it. However, I want to change the LEDs to the SMD type, for their small size, and also change one LED to blue. I have the LEDs, but I was wondering what I nee
Hello, I have an Yaesu FT-3000M installed on my FIAT PALIO 2010 . The problem is that when I turn on car's flasher with the radio in TX the flasher flashes very fast, simply back to RX for flasher back up and running normally. I have checked the cable , connectors and antenna are all OK. Also connected radio's power cable direct to the (...)
Hi guys! I hope you can help me. I have a tiny led flasher, and i want to copy the circuit for a project. This is how it operates: (1) The first time i close the circuit, it starts blinking. (2) The second time i close the circuit it goes from blinking to a steady light. (3) The third time a close the circuit it shuts off. You onl
Hi Everyone. i am facing a high noise problem in a relay flasher circuit. here is circuit diagram and pcb image of shift register pcb for relay 124334124335 Main code #include <18f452.h> #device ADC=10 #FUSES HS,NOWDT, NOBROWNOUT, NOLVP #use delay(crystal=4000000) #use rs232(b
Hello all, Wondered if someone could help me with this issue; please see attached PDF file containing part of my simple circuit (part of an LED flasher). the question I have is regarding the effect of common mode transformer I use in the circuit. See circuit (section of an LED flasher), P1 feeds a DC supply to the circuit, S1 or S2 when connect
i have seen ST flasher software for copy flash bit i need connection digram of serial bootstraper
Hi, Any one have simple solution for DC and AC Xenon tube flasher in same board? Schematics or idea will be great help
Hello, Do you know why my Pickit2 will not program the PIC12F675 that I have in-circuit? I get the following error message from MPLAB X.... BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 344ms) Loading code from C:/MPASM/LED flasher.X/dist/default/production/LED_flasher.X.production.hex... Loading completed Connecting to programmer... The programmer
Hi, Before anyone tries to debug your code, have you tired any basic tests on the oscillator ? Have you done a simple program for just a one second / one minute/ one hour led flasher running from the F676s internal 4mhz oscillator and then on your both your external crystals. I would put money on them working ok. Assume they have the corr
This is another example. There is in Keil\C51\Examples\BLINKY /* BLINKY.C - LED flasher for the Keil MCBx51 Evaluation Board with 80C51 device*/ #include // changed // When you have enabled the option Stop Program Execution with Serial // Interrupt, the Monitor-51 uses the serial interrupt of the UART. // It is t
FWIW, the LM3909 LED flasher/Oscillator IC was intended to maximize LED duration from a 1.5V cell (now old but maybe still available out there). One of the app-circuits was for a booster (not a flasher) that drew only 4mA while feeding the LED with short high-current pulses @ 2kHz (constant to the eye). But I'm sure you might have a brightness trad
if you are a newbie then start learning ne555 based timer. like astable m.v , led flasher. lm324 based comparator. transistor based amplifier. e.t.c look for some old junkie radio, & tv sets. try to understand the components .. study the datasheet & servicemanual
i need just small programming in pic16f54 micro controlor when i give voltage to pic16f54 it should wait 10 to 30 sec (adjustable) then ON/OFF a relay 4 times (ON/OFF time should be adjustable) after 4 time ON/OF it should be stay off thats it simple like a flasher circuit can anybody help me???
good morning everybody i found this circuit on board of led flasher and i was trying to know the rference but i can't please can you help me to know it and how it works all regards92337
hai , i successfully connect and burn program in 89c51 using USB ISP flasher (progisp.exe) . but the problem is it connect only with window xp oonly , for window xp only drivers are available , i con't connect it with window 7 , i need drivers for window 7 . please help me ..
hai , i successfully connect and burn program in 89c51 using USB ISP flasher (progisp.exe) . but the problem is it connect only with window xp oonly , for window xp only drivers are available , i con't connect it with window 7 , i need drivers for window 7 . please help me ..
how can i write a report for a brakelight flasher Hi Sandile, What kind of report you need for brakelight flasher ?
hello can you please help me with the key words for power point presentation for the brake light flasher project