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Hello nation , I'm currently doing my summer practice and my advisor wanted me to build a flexible flat connector to serve as board to board wiring . He wanted me to use Altium which I had no idea about . I found some Molex FFC connectors and libraries of them which include 3D model also , but I have no idea about how to actually design it in Altiu
kabaleevisu- your question is completely misleading. It should have been "What are the layout guidelines for designing a flex pcb ?" Some answers 1. Do not use 45 degree or 90 degree corners on any trace. All traces much be at "ZERO" degree angled (angle less routing) 2. Maintain sufficient spacing between traces. This spacing is decided by (...)
Hello! I have a RF reference circuit at 2.4Ghz designed with transmision lines (balun) in 0.8mm separated 2 layer pcb. We are going to design this circuit in a flex-rigid pcb. Instead of having copper/FR4/copper we have Copper/kapton/FR4/copper/FR4/Copper/FR4/Copper We can mantain 0.8mm (...)
I started with LED study. and i want to design product of LED's like LED strip with flex pcb or MCpcb but i am facing problem with heat management. so can u tell me from where i have to start what factors i should take care about LED's
PCi's Portfolio ~ flexible Printed Circuits (Rigid flex Circuits) Manufactured and designed by Printed Circuits
I am currently available for on-call assignments for pcb design. Over 20 years design experience, PTH, SMT, flex, and prototype assembly. Allegro, PCAD, etc Pat J
You can look at design guides at . design tools are sam as for pcb, it is just additional specifications that you have to pass to manufacturer. If it's just straight jumper cables you are looking for, those can be obtained form number of distributors FFC (FLat flex Circuit) and FPC (flexible printed (...)
Hi, Check this below link for the details your looking for... Regards, Ramesh
I need to design a rigid pcb that will have a silcon die wirebonded to it and then take the signals out of this board using a flex cable to a 4in x 4in 4-layer rigid FR4 board (I have already designed this big board and laid out except for the signals coming in from the flex cable). at the bigger board end (...)
look at for R/flex? 3000 Series Liquid Crystalline Polymer (LCP) Circuit Material and R/flex? 6000 its a new I think you can use it.