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In fact the noise Floor is weird and there isn't any flicker noise corner or 1/fx drops directly If you post your simulation setup, we can interpret it better.
Hello everyone, I am trying to simulate the noise of a Schottky diode power detector. Theoretically, the flicker noise should approach zero if there is no dc bias but the simulation results I am getting using ADS are quite the contrary. Any comments and experiences are welcome. PS: I am attaching the plot of Id and (...)
Probably the bandwidth of your opamp is smaller than flicker noise corner frequency?
According to Leeson phase noise equation, doubling the loaded-Q the phase noise gets 6dB better. Try to use Q of 100 instead of 50, and see what happen. At least you find if the reason is the low Q filter added to the circuit. Beware that Leeson equation applies only between 1/f flicker corner and the corner where the white (flat) (...)
Because of flicker noise, should low freq noise be higher than high freq noise? Voltage noise yes, current noise no. See a typical MOSFET noise
Usually the Spice models of those transistors don't have the flicker noise parameters set, and you cannot trust the SSB phase noise simulation in that region. Anyway, BJTs have pretty good flicker noise, compared to other processes as CMOS or GaAs, so you can live to what you get.
Hi, I have designed CDS circuit. As given in literature, CDS reduce flicker noise and sampling noise / KT/C noise. I know that, we can calculate KT/c through Transient noise simulation in spectre. But, Please, let me know how can we simulate 1/f noise reduction through CDS
hi all~ From papers I read about chopper stabilization, the flicker noise in the PSD of chopper amplifier should be modulated to odd harmonics of chopping frequency. And I use a simple fully differential op-amp to simulate this function with PSS & Pnoise. The beat frequency is 10kHz. From the simulation below , the (...)
HI everyone I want to simulate MOS noise which are Thermal noise and flicker noise. for approch this noise simulate , I am going to use Monte carlo simulation in HSPICE. I put the device variation like below .tran 1us 100ms sweep monte=30 .param LENGTH=0.35u .param (...)
Hi Guys How to get the flicker noise of NMOS and PMOS devices from simulation? What kind of simulation should be ran to get it? Thanks
If you just wanna know thermal/flicker noise for most linear circuits, you could simply use "noise" simulation. I'm afraid that DFT is just for the simulation of quantization noise for sampling circuits.
Hi, dear all, the flicker noise analysis again. Last time, I asked about flicker noise simulation and thanks for palmeiras's help. However, when I running simulation, I found sth. quite controdictory to what we learned before. According to many text book, like razavi, paul gray, it is (...)
Hi, dear all, I am doing flicker noise simulation for very short channel MOSFET. However, I've never done any noise simulation before. Can anyone please tell me how to do flicker noise simulation using scripts (in spectre format) not in ADE? A simple example (...)
hi, i hope someone can help me with this problem. i have simulate the circuit and get the result like below: **** MOSFET SQUARED noise VOLTAGES (SQ V/HZ) M_M1 M_M2 RD 5.237E-29 3.702E-28 RS 4.863E-30 9.763E-25 RG 3.657E-30 8.252E-21 RB 0.000E+00 0.000E+00 ID 0.000E+00 1
hi, im to pspice and currently doing a project to determine flicker noise in NMOS transistor. the problem now is when i set for noise enabled and simulate it, the output simulation will give result as below: * Analysis setup DEC 10 0 5 -----------$ ERROR -- Invalid value .noise V() V_Vgs 1 .OP .LIB (...)
I simulated a simple common source NMOS with a 1kohm resistor load with noise analysis. in spectre noise summary, i get the squared noise at 0.1mHz as id = 53.2567 e -18 fn = 1.395 e - 3 My transistor is 144u/2u with Kf = 1e-24 and cox=4.6mF/m^2. The gm is about 4.9mS. Id is from thermal noise = 4kt(2/3)gm(R^2) = (...)
kindly help in doing noise simulation using HSPICE.. How can I get noise in term of thermal, shot and flicker?
Hi, I would like to do the flicker noise(1/f noise) simulation of differential opamp using cadence tool. Which analysis I should do? Is it noise , pnoise or pss analysis? How to give the necessary parameters for these analysis? Do anyone have an example schematic for (...)
For a switched cap application, does parasitic insensitive design reduce flicker noise? I did a noise simulation and surprised to see a flat horizontal line at the low frequency... looks like the flicker noise is gone...
noise where PSD is the thermal noise PSD and vf2 is the flicker noise value at 1Hz alpha is the flicker exponent