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Unless you reading decimal number strings in your Verilog code, there won't be a decimal number format used. Please reconsider. Number formats with decimal point used in digital processing are floating point or fixed point. Possibly constants are specified as decimal numbers in your code.
Hi I am studying floating point adder unit In that I came across a algorithm In which there are six stages In The first stage the significant has been padded with zeros like this B <= "00" & SIG(23 downto 0) & "000"; A <= "00" & SIG(23 downto 0) & "000"; and this is sent to next stage where alignment is done So what is the (...)
hi every body i saw very article & notes in benefeits floating point unit processing but why & where & when really we need this? we can do floating point calculation in software form altough i dont know application of this! WBR mahmoud
hi every one I have implemented floating point unit on FPGA. Now I have to give performance comparison of FPU on CPU and FPU on GPU. How can I do this analysis..?
Well the floating point is a view how you interprete the bit vector, nothing else. There are not multiplier for floating point or for integer value, it is just bit vector multiply by a bit vector, no?
Please send source code for This paper presents high speed ASIC implementation of a floating point arithmetic unit which can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division functions on 32-bit operands that use the IEEE Software Requirements: XILINX Version. Hardware Requirements: FPGA Spartan-3E.
Hi ... I was going through vector floating point(VFP) co processor unit of arm cortex 8. I have gone through arm cortex 8 architecture reference manual and technical reference manual. Cortex 8 is working on 600 Mhz to 1000 Mhz. But I am not able to find out at what frequency VFP unit works. So can anyone tell me at what (...)
Hi, Plz see this discussion: FPU is used for calculation, where high calculation accuracies are must. So if you have to do an operation like 4.5679 * 3.2289, How will you implement it? Here is where IEEE 754 standard for floating point representation and computation helps us. It is basically a m
Toggle Rate :The toggle rate is a positive floating point number that represents the number of 0->1 and 1->0 transitions that the signal makes during a period of time. The period is by default 1 unit but can be varied. The time unit defined in the library is used as the time unit.
xilinx and altera provide floating point IP cores. try using them? or just get matlab to generate the expected results.
Hi ... I am working on FPGA implementation of floating point unit. I have done adder,subtractor,multiplication,division,square root, compare units. Now I want to do detail verification of it. I have implemented Binary Double Precision FPA unit. IBM has provided the test suit but it is for binary (...)
Are their any devices that implement floating point as part of the core architecture - and not as an integrated coprocessing unit ? In other words, a separate floating point coprocessor? For example: Micromega Corporation BigDog
The best advice I can give you that goes for a lot of "floating point on fpga" projects: step 1: reformulate your problem so it can be done with fixed point arithmetic step 2: use lookup tables a lot step 3: interpolate a lot step 4: enjoy the peace of mind after escaping the floating point headache. (...)
I am doing mini project on floating point arithmetic unit. So please post code written either in VHDL or Verilog otherwise give some links related to this...
HI,,,,to all I'm working AVR32 micro controller(AT32UC3C0512C). I'm new to AVR family MCU's & tools.I job is to benchmark this one for DSP programs. I want to know that HOW TO ENABLE THE floating point unit through the studio tool. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
What do you mean by floating? Do you mean unconnected or do you speak about data format? In case unconnected the logic will be removed during the synthesis.
Hello. I am using microblaze. I am confused about the use of floating point numbers. When in the beginning of the program I select the microblaze, the program asks if I want to have a floating point unit. I answer yes. So, now I am able to do multiplications with floating (...)
DSP = Digital Signal Processing and Digital Signal Processor. The first one is very straight forward and the second one is a microcontroler or microprocessor designed for Digital Signal Processing. Most of them (if not all) got a MAC(Multiply-accumulate) and sometimes a FPU (floating point unit). dsPIC is a DSP manufactured by Microchip.
Hello. I am a newbie in FPGA and VHDL in general. I am using microblaze in a spartan3e. I want to implement a peripheral with OPB (I am using OPB because I want to use DMA also). The microblaze will have a floating point unit. I don't know yet how efficient this is. The peripheral will take a serial format (I2S) as an input from an (...)
The first step is to implement the floating point unit. Then, you use the butterfly structure to make the FFT. For to start in floating point unit: and FFT

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