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@anubudihal, that is the last step.... You'll first have to synthesize the code, then place and route based on your input constraints, generate a programming file, then use the programming cable. Maybe you should read the documentation of the FPGA vendors tool flow instead of asking a vague question that just proves you never even tr
Hi Everyone, Pls any tell me how to write a c code for that diagram 129715
hello, Maybe you have not enough RAM ? => overflow .. try to use this UART1_WRITE_CTEXT ("shot No.") ; void UART1_Write_CText(const char *txt1) { while (*txt1) UART1_Write(*txt1++); }
What is your clock? First write a flow chart or some pseudo-code, e.g.: If P3.5=1 then if P1(0:3)=MOD then P1(0:3)=0 else P1(0:3)=P1(0:3)+1 end if else if P1(0:3)=0 then P1(0:3)=MOD else P1(0:3)=P1(0:3)-1 end if end if; This should help you figure out the
Hello, is there any tool that converts Matlab code to flowchart?
The flow might be generic but the procedure is vendor dependent. See this link for a brief overview:
Hi, Do block diagram of your system & flow chart to understand the process. start with reset state, then ask yourself "what happen if input is or "... so on.. Best Gil
Difficult to say without knowing your code flow but the usual way of doing it would be to run one loop as the main program and the second loop as an interrupt triggered loop. PWM doesn't normally require interrupts because it is an 'output only' feature but you could enable the ADC interrupt so it diverts the program flow to your ADC (...)
Im having the problem in reading the adc for the ac signal it is working for the 800mv above the 800mv im reading only 800mv. i think the problem in int32 overflow due to the squaring the int16 adc value. im using ccs c complier for the pic18f is there any option to use 64bit multiplication in ccs for 8 bit microcontroller following is
can we control stepper by using tb6600 by using the below flow code? the tb6600 board i am using have EN ;CLK ;DIR pins and M1 M2 M3 and TQ for (i=0; i<=10; i++) { EN =1; CLK =1; DIR =1 CLK =0; EN =0; EN =1; CLK =1; DIR =0; CLK =0; EN =0; }
Any body can explain me in deep what is Stack over? How to find it in program? what means of instruction instruction at 0x000050 when i run my program with MPLAB SIM This massage comes out CORE-E0001: Stack over flow error occurred from instruction at 0x000050
To start with, flowcontrol from a microcontroller is not really complex. There are two flow control models usually: hardware and software. For hardware, the sender asserts RTS (request to send). The receiver responds with CTS (clear to send). In principle, you could use a pair of GPIO pins for RTS/CTS signals. I did not see the uC datasheet myself
Good Morning to everybody. I'm training to understand the Back-end process of digital implementation using Encounter. In order to understand the design flow, I'm training to implements a simple verilog code. But I've a problem, when I want to P&R core, based on two only standard cell, and the connection to IO PAD. I've created a Verilog fi
As others have pointed out use the Coregen flow or more advanced XPS flow!
I am doing the ISE Implement process for the 1st time and am stuck in the Translate step. The input is an edf file generated by Synplify flow and using the ucf file, I am trying to do an implementation. In the top level there is clock PLL Xilinx Coregen module instiantiated. clk_wiz_v3_6 clk_wiz_v3_6_inst (// Clock in ports .CLK
Why this flow meter code not working ? I am using PIC16F877A at 4 MHz external crystal. I am feeding pulses to INT0 pin. My sensor gives 330 pulses per liter of fluid and 25 liters per minute is the flow rate. In the code if I comment out the line while(GIE_bit); then it shows some continuously incrementing data but (...)
hey there i need some example code for pic16f877a. i try search but all in adruino. my water flow sensor are G1/2 Water flow sensor. pls help me...
i have done most of the coding but the problem i am experiencing now is that after the first round of signal sensing, it does not refresh and restart the process. The problem could be from the for(;;) loop because i tried leaving it out and it worked. but i need the for loop for my calculation.. please help... /* Graphic LCD 64 by 128
First a question, your current code implies you are clocking your design with an 8MHz external crystal or oscillator. Is this correct? One issue you are facing is the lack of a superloop to prevent the flow of execution from exiting your code into oblivion, which is why the garbage text you received seems to continually repeat. (...)
Without even looking into code flow, your delays are probably wrong. LCDs are quite slow devices and especially during initialization it is very important they have long enough to digest the bytes you feed them. A simple count down of 200 or 300 to zero is likely to take far shorter than the several mS delays needed. In particular, note how long th