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which type of capacitor used for snubber in flyback smps of around 20watts ?
This relates to this thread... The flyback energy will distribute very well without blowing anything up. It can feed both the bulk input capacitor (via the clamp diodes) or the output capacitor (via the rectifier). Your absolutely right, however, i looked into the two switch flybac
Hello, With offline flyback converters, why is there so much support given to the use of slow diodes in the primary RCD clamp network? I do appreciate that when a slow diode is used, the RCD clamp capacitor no longer has to ?swallow? all of the ? L(lk)I^2 energy contained in the leakage inductor, -because due to the slow turn-off (...)
Hello, We are doing a FAN6300 based offline flyback converter which operates open loop and repeatedly charges a capacitor (to 300V). The flyback is simply disabled when the capacitor is charged, then re-enabled so as to re-charge the capacitor after a discharge. (The capacitor is 600uF) We are setting the flyback?s peak current by (...)
A typical specification of an auxiliary dc/dc converter of VFD inverters. Two-switch forward, or with restrictions, two-switch flyback converter is often used for maximal utilization of transistor voltage range.
Hello, I wonder if I could use the UC3842 PWM controller in voltage-mode control in a two-switch flyback topology. This is the block diagram: 128956 If I tie the VFB pin to ground I'll get a constant threshold of 1V at the CURRENT SENSE COMPARATOR noninverting input. This way, by applying the output feedback voltage to C
Dear All Pls Guide me for the flyback Design Process. input voltage Range:360-480 Vdc Output Voltage: 62V/6AMP Fsw:20khz Kindly guide me for the design Process.
Hi, I am having a problem in my error amplifier for current mode control scheme. It is providing 6 PWM pulses and then there is a gap and then the sequence repeats. I am attaching my schematic, It is a flyback with DCM and current mode control with separate Aux winding. Regards, Chaitanyab124355
Drop Vin below 40V Iq=0.38mA max. Switch Vmax= 60V, which may need a zener + diode clamp to V+. Vin just powers all internal Vref and regulators used for Vfb so voltage and current are both much lower than the driver limit. (0.38mA) to limit self heating of Bandgap reference diode inside. So output regula
the above hyperTFS two transistor forward controller, can the two transistor forward work without the flyback? -it looks like the flyback clamp is used to provide the high side gate drive supply for the 2 transistor forward converter. -It also loo
The question is, is one (SMB size) TVS capable of handling the heat it will take when used as a primary clamp for this flyback smps? I know it depends on the leakage inductance, but the consultant wont tell us this...he gave the transformer design to a transformer manufacturer and we then just order it off them...but we cant get any at the
Hi Could you provide a schematic of your flyback as the explanation is a little bit confusing?
flyback is ok, though you will get more switching loss and rcd clamp loss. If you can tightly couple pri and sec then your losses of these will be much less. flyback ok because your I(out ) is low Half bridge can be the LM5039 datasheet to see this problem. two tran forward....bad because you need hi side drive....which (...)
Hi, Has anyone used a non-dissipative clamp for flyback converters? I'm using a circuit like this, but I found few information about how many turns must be placed in the snubber winding. I saw only a piece of a text, saying that it must have the same number turns of primary winding. I mounted the circuit, and it clamps the votlage (...)
I would like to know the design of RCD circuit used for a flyback converter. Actually it is a buck converter. And also for MAtLAB simulation which type of transformer I should use to represent flyback, from the simulink library? Please help me with an answer.
hi, i m designing a flyback converter for the charging of battery. in which the battery is charged using the 3 stage charging algorithm. if anyone have the idea share with me. :roll:
My dear friend, I thank your intention in replying. I have some experience in low frequency switching power supplies up to 50 KHz. I have designed some of them using the old and fantastic TL494, and built my own tranformers. This device works at 132 KHz and need much more experience. Why flyback converter ? because this chip
Hello, I am designing a 330W flyback. (Vin = 180-373VDC, Vout = 80V, 4A) The problem is that at light load the RCD clamp dissipates about 2.8W. So i have come up with this switchable RCD clamp....... Can you see any problems with this? Is it OK? Here is the LTspice simulation file in .txt
Hello, My previous post on this topic was asking for info on it.....but this post is actually simply asking, "Does an Active clamp flyback converter in current mode actually exist?" All the active clamp flyback controllers that i can find are voltage mode, eg UCC3580, NCP1562.
hello, Regarding the power dissipation at max load. What is the difference in the dissipation of the two above types of clamp? Suppose that they both give the same clamp voltage across the primary.