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Dear Sir, I always meet SMPS surge failure during surge test including differential mode(2.2KVac) and common mode(4.4KVac). Could you advise the surge current's route in the SMPS including differential mode and common mode for instance in flyback? it is helpful to find out the causes to solve the issues. Thanks!
Dear friend's i have work in flyback power supply topologies but we observed some problems in transformer me transformer is very high heat, and some transformer inductance varition ..? please give me tips of transformer design.. we design 240vac to 36Vdc/1.2A output
There was a frequency variation in smps how to stop it ?
Hi. I designed a flyback converter with uc3844. for Rt = 6.8k and Ct = 2.2nF the oscillator frequency was around 100KHz. this is ok. and thus clock frequency at output pin6 was around 50KHz. that was ok too. this was all when tested with feedback connected to ground and no transformer was added in free running mode to just test it. the (...)
Hi everyone, I am trying to take a measurement of the touch current of a power supply and I would like your help. First of all, the equipment available is the following (attachment 165977): 1) Insulating transformer, 2) power supply based on the flyback converter, and 3) a touch-current measuring device according to
How to test a flyback transformer ? thanks
hello. For 230VAC input , offline flyback transformers (fully isolated), how do you test to see if the transformer provides the necessary degree of isolation between primary and secondary?
as title,how to get the ciss ,coss,crss ? another questios,the ciss of mosfet does it affect the no load current ? (my Dc to Dc is used flyback Synchronous Rectifier, when the converter no load current is higher i renew the new mosfet, the no current go down) thanks !
Hi I am trying to test power factor of the power supply-flyback type. Its parameters are: Vapml=325 Freq= 50Hz The frequency of switching of VPULSE is 100kHz. The transformer was made of coupling inductors as on the scheme. The problem is when I want to calculate the power input of the diagram( the results are presented in the material).
I see sorry about voltage.LOL But the input is 5 V from usb port. and for 1.5 V The Boost circuits is good for this target.(flyback is good and cheap) I will test the value of components and tell you.
hi friends what is the suitable and practical procedure to measure the bode plot in a flyback converter? regards
where does B+ originate from in a tv set??. Is it from the regulator ic or from the flyback?? and where do i test to find this B+?? Rasc
Friends, The flyback is in sparks to the L402 bobbin (43uH), but was functioning, despite the D408 diode (1N4148) that it was in short and electrical resistance FR405 (1 ohm/1W) opened. I changed D408 and FR405 by good ones, but for accident, the DZ803 (4V7) was open when I bound to test.... Now the sparks of flyback seem to be (...)