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Hi, check this link this may help you above link discussed interfacing of GP2D12 with PIC controller moreover following link discussed PIC with
Hi, I'm doing a line following mobile car (also differentiating the colors) using vision system. I plan to use a CMOS sensor type camera to interface with PIC. Is it possible a USB webcam can communicate with PIC? I have PIC18F452 and compiler is MiKroC. Does MikroC provides any functionality for camera input (matix input etc).
Hi, I got this instruction given: > For each of the following three scenarios, initially assume that the East-West traffic has had a green traffic light for a long time. 1) If a North-South car is detected then the traffic lights will cycle to green in that direction. The walk light will not be on unless a pedestrian is detected then the li
Hi everyone, My car doesn't have an auxiliary port to connect a MP3 player to. Therefore I purchased the following 3.5mm stereo enclosed socket, which I want to connect to my car radio via the cd changer
Hi; I would like to build a 12v timer with the following specs: Provide 12 volts to a .35amp (4w) device while the car ignition is on, and then for an additional 12 hours approximately after the ignition is turned off. Once off, current draw must be very low so as not to kill the battery. Probably 555 timer based? T
hi! i have almost made a line following car (toy) but i have 1 problem.... my transistor gets hot after a while... am using about 7 volts power supply, i have 2 transistor as a darlingon " bc337 transistors "( when i put the light off the dc motor run very fast like i want ) but when i touch the transistor 2, is hot! ) then i changed the tra
you can proceed as following : its a simple and cheep way: 1)buy a simple Remote control Motor car (kids Toy). the remote control of these toys only have switching signals i.e; pulses. 2)take the receiver out of the car's body. 3)connect the receiver with a bistable multivibrator circuit (may be built by a 555timer IC, a resistor and a (...)
Hi all I've written a volt meter program (in .asm) for use in my car using PIC16F506 (this is first time using '506) when i run the following code CH0-1 of PORTB and PORTC don't latch at all. I've attached whole program as well as i'm not 100% on my layout. MAIN ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; movlw 0xFF movwf POR
I want to detect the level of fuel in a cars fuel tank, taken from the voltage of the fuel sender. Granted, it will fluctuate when the car is moving since the fuel sloshes in tank. I thought, I could do the following: - Read a sample from the ADC - Discard outlaying values (to get rid say of voltage spikes) - Collect (...)
I am trying to install a power mirror system in my car regarding which i need help in following: 1. How to stop a power mirror (retraction) motor after the mirror is fully retracted? or 2. How to stop a power mirror motor when the mirror has completely moved in a certain (Right\Left\Up\Down) direction?
Can anyone help me???I have the following code and i find the problem with the large BER ~ 50% is my OFDM can anyone help????? SNR=15; car=512; bits=4096; a1=randint(bits,1); t = poly2trellis(,); a2=convenc(a1,t); a3=pskmod(a2,4); bit2=length(a3); a41=reshape(a3,bit2/car,car); for (...)
Its a simple line following robot... You need IR or proximity sensor to detect the track and align the car in the line of track.. you nee a toy car with DC motors...........
A power window is like a servo motor which can be raised and lowered by depressing a button or switch. In our case, we will be automating it so that it will be time based and will be following the sun.
The following is my Program in Dev C++ for Parallel Port Interfacing to operate the Remote of the car. Their is an Problem that once i press the button, car Runs continuously although i leave the button and i have to stop the car by pressing another button. Please tell me how can i alter my Program so that it stops (...)
Hi friends recently i have seen a video in you tube , a robot following a man. this is the link YouTube - Autonomous car - Autonomous carriage Transporter I just want to know the technology behind it ...pls share information about it if u have any idea. thanks
hi every body I have the following question .. it seems easy .. but I feel a trick there .. the question af follows: - It is written on a car battery 60A , 12v and 100AH this means that: a- it has internal resistance of 12/60 ohm. b- it is charged by 12v source. c- it can store energy sufficient for lighting 12 ohm bulb for 100 hou
In the following text I described how to connect normal audo device with mp3 player that consist USB slot for pendrive. For a long time I wanted to add an mp3 function to my old mini – audio system. Device is so good that I rally want to keep it. So idea was to insert some mp3 player with low costs. Choice was a car transmitter mp3 USB wi
Hi all, I am not too experienced in the bluetooth field, so I need some assistance. My application is a bit particular. I have the following items: -a garmin nuvi 765T. This have a bt inside, car kit profile. I've tested the nuvi with a normal GSM phone, they can be peered, I can dial from nuvi and I can talk using it as any car kit. (...)
Hi I am required to build a moving car transit that can be moved from station to station and reverse automatically I have been given the following items which are: 1) Light Dependent Sensor Circuit to detect the station. 2) Counter & Display Circuit to display the Station number on the 7-segment LED display. 3) Motion Control Circuit with v
hi all, I'd like to know how the following gps/gsm module could function. It should be in a car, such that when ever the car moves into a "interest point", the gps module should alert in a certain way. Interest points are places on the central server which, when the gps module enters - it should alert. We would set the interest point (...)