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The MOSFET is used as linear regulator, according to my calculation, maximum power dissipation is 0.5A*(10V-5V) = 2.5W. Review BQ2057W datasheet for maxim power for different PCB foot prints, 1.6W is the absolute maximum if I see right. So this can't work.
Can you please explain more about the 'footprint' inside the .lib library ?
hi seniors, i have doubt create the foot prints in orcad , i created one project and in which one 15 pin connector there. for that i just wanna create foot print ,but everytime i am getting error like pin 1 is missing pin 2 is missing likewise all pins . i had used that orcad pcb designer software in which used package symbol (...)
hi dudezz,, i am using orcad 16.0 , and i have tried so many times ,but unusually i did not get error less circuit and board .,., so please guys take your time for my project , please consider it i have attached my three project and created foot prints also , you know its having same type of error only, please can smbdy solv
I've always just used the standard foot prints and never had a problem even when I make my own for components I've not got them for, suggesting to a customer make PCB bigger is never a good idea the main reason as you know the bigger the pcb the more they cost, Your rival most properly used that against you with bigger (...)
I'm designing 0 - 8 GHz PLL frequency Synthesizer. I need help to buld the PCB Layout in Ansoft. I don't know how to Draw foot prints in Ansoft. Can anybody help. It'll also be helpful if anyone can suggest me some documents in PCB layout designing using Ansoft.....................
IPC-7351 I have 64 pin and 144 pin devices but no 80 pin. With the IPC-7351 format this footprint would be : QFP65PxxxxXyyyy-nnN where: QFP=Quad Flatpack with Pins 65P = pitch between pins, 65=0.65mm 80=0.80mm etc xxxxx and yyyy lead pitch x and y axis nnN=number of pins Gives a more descriptive name for footprint as TQFP is such a gener
wht i understand is that footprint means ... cells which have same intention or purpose..... like we say ... buffer footprint then that means all the cells which can be used as buffers..... when we say delay footprint then thats mean all the cells which can be used as inverters ....when we say delay footprint then thats (...)
Hi All, I designing some footprints (quite a few actually) in Altium for a PCB that I'm currently designing. A quick and simple question: If i'm given dimensions in terms of tolerance (i.e. an upper and lower limit) (but no mean value), what dimension should I take for my pad size, chip dimensions etc? The particular chip that i'm currentl
Are any foot prints avilable for Micro switches/ tact swicthes in Ares? I didnt find any. I am using 7.6 SP0. It would be great if anyone could share the same. Thanks..Neha
Hi, i am new to the Orcad PCB designing, i need to create a foot prints for the the components which are used in my circuit. so can any one give me step by step procedure for creating foot prints. Thanking you. Regards, Hanumagouda Patil
There is a 3way 6 way connector, But the foot prints are not terminal block s so I just create my own
This is an excellent tutorial that also lists out how to create a new footprint by copying an existing footprint.
dear friends, can any one show me the way to convert the footprints made in "PEDS" software to the footprints of ORCAD layout .? plz advise. - Rony
I knew that but when I export using this proceedure it does not generate .llb. Is it possible to generate library of foot prints from a brd file in orcad? thanks in advance.
i want to make a footprint for a antenna and adapter on the board because i didn't found them in orcad can any body help????
Hey ppl. I'm using Allegro v15.2 for my Design. I would like to create the footprints for accomadating couple of batteries on my PCB so that I can stick the battery set on the other side of the board or just leave it by side. The battery set would be something like the image attached. I absolutely have no idea about the foot (...)
actually i am having some trouble with transponder power distribution among different carriers. Actually i found the following text on the net and have also seen that practically implemented in some companies for link budgets. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Satellite downlink EIRP Referring to the satellite tran
Yea! try creating a footprint on your own. You have lots of tutorial on web for creating foot prints. I give you one excellent tutorial link below, hope this helps you out :) The cource website is Thanks, Gold_kiss