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HI, At my company, we use Cadence Allegro Design Entry CIS and have a centralized library for all the components. The schematic symbols are maintained as a library file (OLB), but the footprints are maintained as individual files (.dra). Now I was trying to convert the existing library to altium( (...)
If I remember correctly, I had a similar issue at on a specific version of the altium Designer, and turned around by adding to the layout the just edited component. This automatically changed all the ones with the same footprint.
Time to learn how to draw and add components and footprints on this CAD. It is an essential ability to those who work in PCB board design.
In altium 15.0 I made a new footprint in a custom library which I made previously. This is the 6th footprint I have made in this library and once I finished it I saved and compiled the library and everything seemed to work fine. In my schematic file in another project I clicked on a (...)
You need to check if the footprint associated to PCB device matches to the pinouts of the SCH component in the library.
The reason of this happening is that the component jumps far out of the boundaries of your screen because the origin (center) of the footprint was set incorrectly. Return to the footprint library where you made the footprint, then use Edit => Origin to return it to the center of your footprint. Then choose (...)
Then add one yourself, this is THE basic skill of using CAD, creating your own symbols, footprints and part references....
Add the footprint library (PcBLib) to your project and then select "Any" in the footprint selection dialog window.
Are you embedding the STEP file into a PCB or a footprint library? After embedding it, does it show up on the layer you included it on in 2D view?
It is called multi part component in altium. You need to create the component in proper way in library, where each symbol is drawn as Part under one Component. Look at New Part command in schematic symbol editor. Then you need to have same Designator to all parts to get them all to one footprint. Petr
First of all, we're all busy with our own projects and don't like to see "hurry", "urgent" and other assorted "encouragements" associated with questions on the forum. Especially not in the titles. Secondly, a relay is a fairly simple component so making a footprint for it yourself doesn't require much time or efforts. There are so many different r
You can open Protel file in altium import wizard. But there will be no net connectivity. You can copy the footprint from PCB file to altium library file by manually. But direct import, 8-O need to check
Of course you can use altium built in library symbol and then create a footprint for that symbol. You can find a PMOS in miscellaneous devices (PMOS-2) copy this to your library and the create the footprint.
You can create any footprint or schematic symbol in the libraries. Check this link
You can always create your own symbol. Don't expect that every symbol, ever drawn, will be included in EDA package that you use. Leaern how tio create your own symbols and footprints, if you intend to stay in this business.
Hi All. I know to import 3D STEP on altium PCB footprint (from footprint Lib > Place > 3D Body). But I can see, there is another option of adding PCB3D Lib at Schematic library. Please see the attached picture. I create a separate PCB3D Lib using a R 0603 STEP and added in into Schematic Lib ... but what is the (...)
You could just make a component in the library and use the accordian feature to create an antenna footprint possibly?
Yes, you'll add a DIP8 footprint model to the component definition, ususally from the package libary shipped with altium Designer.
Dear friends, I would like to know how can I create on altium Designer a component with two separated schemactics... I don't really know how to explain, but I'd like to create, like the amp-ops, one component that have two separated schemactic components, with the comum footprint. Like the U1 and U2 from the 741. Hope you can help me. Thank
footprint can be added to component in schematic library editor. footprint can be edited in pcb liprary editor.
Where i can get altium footprint library for 5mm pitch,2 pin connector (Male/Female)?
I want to create a SCHLIB component and PCBLIB footprint for a connector which is purchased as multiple components. They sell the contacts separately from the housing so I want to have a single component show up with two part numbers on the BOM. I was originally going to create two components, one for each part, but then I run into problems with
Hi, Why you need script for the placement of footprint to active pcb, you can directly browse library and place it to pcb.
Hi, I want a suitable footprint for SMD electrolytic capacitor 470uF/25V and 1000uF for altium, but can't find any thing. please help me to find it. Thanks.
have you checked if there are not multiple STEP models assigned to the footprint. Maybe they are on a different layer?
Hi, All of a sudden my whole footprint library seems to be screwed up. I just added a new component to my company's altium footprint library. I then added the schematic symbol to go with it and inserted it into my project. Updated the PCB and everything looked just fine. I then added a few more parts (...)
Hey Keyur, The date on this connector is march 2004....that is 8+ yrs old. More than likely this connector is obsolete. You can call them to see if they can give you a replacement part, but more than likely you're going to have to find a connector that can replace this one all together. Why was this connector chosen? Is this a redesign of a syste
Isn't that 12 pins, and 13 pins, spaced apart 2.54mm? You could probably create the footprint yourself in a minute or two.
Hello, I've noticed that the components in my PCB have silkscreen which is too big and takes up too much room....i want to edit the components, make the silkscreen more smaller, and then update the pcb with the new footprints...but how do i go about this? Is it possible to just adjust the footprint in the library and then click a (...)
Hi, I have just changes a footprint in the library, then deleted the component in the scem , then replaced it with the new component, then "design updated" it through to pcb, but the footprint in the pcb is still the old footprint. do you know how i can change to the new footprint?
Thanks, i have tried starting again in a new project but the fault is still i think i will try an d re-install software as you say.....but is it likely to have been corrupted. I did a schematic using symbols but no footprints attached to them and it was fine......its all happened since i started doing footprints. I am just wo
How do you draw squares in altium 10 PCB library editor? -then , when the squares have been drawn, how do you move them by their centre and snap the centre to the centre of the component footprint. As you know, the component courtyard, is generally square , and this is needed for collision avoidance and to extrude up from to get the 3D (...)
Hi, I need Sim card holder 6 pins library (shematic and footprint) in altium designer, here's a photo of sim card holder i reply ASAP! best regards...
There is a model assign to it in the schematic symbol itself. see image below. In there is also a path or location for the footprint. 73475
Hi everybody. I have a problem with my final project, I need an altium DXP PCB library that contains MAX2606 footprint or Intlib. is there anyone that has this foot print library? If anyone has its footprint in other software such OrCAD, I can import it into altium DXP and use it. this (...)
Hi, i need Sim908 schematic and footprint in altium designer. please reply a link if available...:-| best regards...
There is a footprint manager in altium, where you can validate the path to the library and view the assigned footprint. In there you can also re assign footprints for one or multiples or change libraries. The command is under >>Tools >> footprint Manager.
Hi Sean, you have answered your question: "how can I place a one whole (just think it as a one pin header)" .... add one pin header. You can check the Axial 0.3 footprint in footprint library, or print the PCB in 1:1 scale and compare it with your real resistors. If you have problems to create the one pin header have a look at [url=www.fedev
In Protel 98 I could place a part in sch using the keyboard and specify the library reference (RES), component comment (1k) and footprint (0805) I'm using Integratedlibrary:PlacelibraryComponent and all I can specify is library reference: LibReference=RES How do I specify footprint (...)
1) how i can copy footprint which is already present in altium library? tell me procedure.. 2) can i edit footprint which is already present in altium library? tell me procedure...
I guess, your problem is to get familiar with the altium tools and provided libraries. You just need to add the footprint to the standard chip resistor, provided in the misc. components library. footprints are named by metric sizes in this library.
better to make your own library 8 pin ic you have to make for schematic then name it of your choice and for the footprint you can also make a library for this too.all the dimensions are given in datasheet of the belonging parts.and also there are library in altium you can search it through search optiom.
Hi, I often need to create custom footprint for new component and I need to check if it fits well. In OrCAD I was used to print it 1:1 on paper and align component on and eventually do a fine tune. Now in altium PCB library editor I can see that menu/file/print is grayed out so I can't print. I had to put a footprint on PCB (...)
I have some footprints with non-trivial pads. I used a region in top layer over a pin to model required shape. How do I assign this region to overlayed pin? I can see there's Net option in pin and region properties but cannot choose nothing (not surprised in library where no nets). The problem is after placement this footprint in PCB editor (...)
Hi, Need help on below issue in altium Summer 9. Copy my whole entire project folder to another computer and run the same project, i realize that most of my custom footprint not in correct patch and this cause most of the footprint on PCB editor corrupted. May I know what is the correct way to input footprint (...)
i can give you altium footprint?
Hi, Anyone have footprint "LY530ALH" or "LPR530AL" for altium designer? I can't find in altium footprint library. Thanks.
Hello, Using altium Designer Summer 09, I am in the process of designing a custom footprint for a PCB library (file with PcbLib extension). Is there a way to print a 1:1 version of this footprint while I am designing it? I've noticed that when designing the footprint, the File->Print Preview and (...)
m using orcad 9.1 last 6 months only. i m new 2 this field. in orcad layout library, for smd type footprint what is this, "QUAD.050/44/WG.785" here 44 means 44 pins then 0.05? wg.785?. plz explain it .05 will be the leg pitch 0.05". The WG.785 will be the body dimension I think: 0.785". I think that may
Hi, I have a database library for altium and now i want to aad a new component group to it. i inserted a new table, then added the required parameters for the new part. Then i have created a new sch. symbol library and footprint library. I have now the new symbol and footprint for the (...)

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