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Hi bro. I have 2 questions, please answer me. 1-Why sometime for programming of microblaze in xilinx fpga use while(1) loop and sometimes dont? see below code for example... I want to generate a PWM signal using the Timer/Counter IP Core. Nothing shows up. What I did: Added the core, connected the PWM0 port of (...)
3 comments after a casual glance..... 1. You are doing a comparison between x and b but have not included x in the sensitivity list. 2. Avoid using 'while' loop (if this piece is used for non-synth part of the design, then ok with while loop) 3. I am assuming 'I' is storing the no. of iterations. So (...)
Sorry attached different file Ok, now you attached the correct zip file...which is essentially the same null and void blink-led as posted before: Besides that, it has absolutely nothing there running in the main(). Unless you post something really usable, or which shows that you tried something, you'll hardly get some help, bu
Hi, We are using diaphragm type Differential Pressure transmitters for level measurement of different vessels. Each vessel consists of two transmitters one with PLC loop (HIMA with current isolator card CS4/420) {let name it A} and other with DCS loop {let name it B}. The transmitter A show erratic behavior while (...)
Read the values from a constant array in a for loop, either with increasing or decreasing index.
Hi I have a problem with USART interrupt. I connect a Sim900 to USART of an Atmega8. My program uses the USART interrupt for receiving SMS's and in the while loop of the program I use the getchar function to receive the SMS characters from RX port of the Atmega8. The program works properly but after some hours the system does not (...)
First things first - are you sure that the timer is running? Try executing your start routine code, sit in a simple for() loop for a while, and then stop and read the timer register value. If it isn't running, you haven't configured it properly - perhaps the clock source for it must be configured? Have (...)
This is an issue to do with loops and the quirks of VHDL. When you use a signal inside a for or while loop in VHDL, it has no idea which bits are driven and are not driven in C (age old locally/globally static issues). So it assumes All bits of C are driven from inside the process, even though you know they're not. So C(0) (...)
hello Guys i've made a simple controlller for 3 stages elevator the main problem is tht when testing on proteus it works great & even on real board its ok but sometimes it make errors. Errors like not responding to emergency push button(which its normally cloesed) OR converting the input pins to outputs & not respond to limit switch & it was a
Hi, As suggested by Klaus, the balancing should happen until the difference drops to 0V. for this battery voltage should be continously read and the balancing should be done as per the desired frequency (10msec/50msec/1sec etc.). So please check if the below algorithm (time scheduled continous data read and balance) will work. ******
Hi, I am writing a program to cycle LEDS using push button on STK600 powered by Atmega 2560. Two cases Case 1: No button pushed - cycle LEDS all the way through Case 2: Button pushed - cycle LEDS up to the button pressed I use timer0 for delay in the design and Port B as output while Port A as input to read switch value I can handle
Move LCD_Init(); and Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_CURSOR_OFF); after main() but before the while() loop. you only need to initialize the LCD once, not every time it goes around the loop. Also note that the LED output is active low so you need the LED and series resistor to connect between PORTD bit 0 and VDD. You also check (...)
Hi, I am trying to implement a Fibonacci series using while loop and written in C. Im not quite good in programming so im asking for help to check if there's something wrong in my code because i cant get the output that i want. I just want the output to start with 1, not 0 (the conventional one). for example, ill input 4; (...)
hi.... I am trying to write a testbench for reading inputs from textfile then write the output in a textfile. I know some parts of the code, but its incomplete. I put the original code that corresponds to the clk, reading input and writing output, but some other parts should be written too. If other people say I am grateful to have the informat
I am working on a project with atmega 8 and doing the code in Avr studio 6.2 and simulation in proteus. I am trying to debug few float related functions. i.e., for testing purpose I have created one AVR program with a main function and the function I want to test, no hardware is needed and so not connected. the function is related to ADC and
I new to use PIC16F877a, now I'm tried the interface between the LCD 16x2 and keypad 4x4. lcd at portD and keyad at PORTB, but my keypad is not working, i work with disable LVP conditions and my program write in mikroC. my question what was wrong in my project? unsigned short kp, cnt, oldstate = 0; char txt; // Keypad module conne
Dear all I am trying to characterize the std library cells for 0.5V using NCX. I am having trouble with the flip flop cells. while in case of combination cells can i add all of them in the same do loop in the ncx.opt file and run the .cfg file. Do i need to set any argument true to make that work in the .cfg file. As of now i am doing (...)
You cannot have a empty while() loop. You need a condition for it to run like if you want the loop to run always then you have to use while(1) If you want to the loop to run based on some condition then you have to put the condition like while(condition == true) { } (...)
Hi I want to build a project with relay,switch and 8051 my logic is as below - when pressed Switch Start Relay - wait for pulse 60 seconds, - if pulse there withing 60 sec then continuous on relay, if no pulse then wait another 60 sec - after 120 second if no pulse then make relay off and again check for switch pressed thank
Hi, I got i new trouble today. I can't use the fonction Lcd_Out(1,1, "hello!");, if i use it when i try to program my pic in IPEv2 i get this warning: "fly3.hex code overlaps current code and will overwrite it." everything esle work in my code, if i use test = fontion(); Lcd_Out(1,1 ,test); its work but wh