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Hi I hace cadence .lib format and rtl compiler how to ocnvert them to .db ?? i want to use it in dc compiler,but i dont have library compiler option.Please help.
Hi, I use Altium Designer and have been sent files in Cadence Allegro *.brd format. I believe I need to get these converted into *.alg format because I don't have Cadence Allegro installed on my machine. Would it be possible for someone to convert for me and post here?. Sorry if this is a bit cheeky, many thanks for your help. 133391[
Unless you reading decimal number strings in your Verilog code, there won't be a decimal number format used. Please reconsider. Number formats with decimal point used in digital processing are floating point or fixed point. Possibly constants are specified as decimal numbers in your code.
i want to convert gray scale image into pixels and store it into a RAM The question remains vague, since you did not specify the format with which this image was formatted, or in other words, the codec used to split the pixels into a data stream. Based on your above statement "In this system i had to read the pix
How to import autocad design to hfss ? I have export an autocad file in .sat format and imported in hfss. but in hfss it shows a different layout. please help
Hi, PCB is designed using Altium software and now I want to do its EM simulation in HFSS 16.2 software. Can anyone suggest me in which format should I export PCB layout from Altium software for the HFSS? Please suggest !!!!
Hello, how can i convert a verilog gate list file into spice netlist format. I have synopsys DC software. Can you suggest me any method.
I need help to have this design downconverted to older version of the OrCAD format. can anyone know how this can be done or help with this conversion?
It says 'int sprintf(char *s, const char *format, ..... );' in my copy of 'The Standard C Library'. It's in .
The dptr is 16 bit and Acc is only 8 bit. You need to convert to 5 byte decimal ascii or 2.5 byte BCD format. Which one do you prefer? Allen - - - Updated - - - OK I think I misunderstood what you want. You want to convert what's in (DPTR) to decimal in Acc. But 8 bit hex would convert to 255 d
According to the VHLD LRM write() has format parameters.
Hi, I'm trying to Convert i.mx6rx schematic from altium to orcad, I Did changes in SDt.cfg file to link to my working library, but to no anvil. Also, Using altium tried saving the project to .dsn format, but doesn't work I get the following error: """"" ********************************************************************************
I am working now on the TFT LCD display that is interfaced with ARM cortex M3 SAM3N-EK BOARD Can any one solve my problem,I have used image to array converter to convert image into array format.If i use this array value into my program ,the image is displaying but the problem is first portion of image is displaying in last .how to slove that
Hello, how can i convert a verilog file into spice netlist format. I have CADENCE software, I tried to import verilog file and export in spice netlist form, but I am facing some difficulties. Can you suggest me any other method.
The internal numer format is binary. Strings can represent numbers in decimal or hexadecimal format.
Sounds like a clear instruction to me. Design features that aren't supported by the old format must be removed.
exp .......a=(int)(i/6.82) The result type depends on the data type of a, not a type cast. Automatic type conversion according to C standard takes place. (You probably should read a C text book to deserve your name :-) ) Either a is an integer type, then the result will be displayed as such and you can read it in the watch window i
Hi im trying to convert a matlab code to HDL using HDL coder, the code gives me floating point output. after getting the HDL code, when i m trying to synthesize it, it gives me an error that floating data is not synthesizable? can anyone tell me that di i need to convert my data to some other format then the code will get synthesized.
He's talking "thermometer code", a format where the information is the dividing-point between all-ones (above threshold) and all-zeros strings (below code threshold) in the bit-field of comparator bank outputs. 1111111111111111000000000000000 = '01000 1111111111111111100000000000000 = '01001 (might be off by a bit). And this is a very well kn
Hello all, can anyone know how to convert file from .ITC file format to .PTF file format? interconnect technology (ICT) input file used in cadence encounter soc and .ptf input file used in Olympus soc of mentor graphics. These are interconnect libraries used for RC extraction. I have to use design database from encounter to olympus for CTS(c