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hi friend can anyone help me find bandwidth from s11 graph in db? is the formula for measuring? i know the frequency the below -10 db line is bandwidth.
Hi all; I have designed an FSS for band stop applications successfully using HFSS version 15. Now i want to calculate RCS of the same FSS. Is it possible to calculate? If it is possible then please tell me how we can calculate it in HFSS. Is there any formula for RCS calculation using S-parameters (...)
how the formulas for designing an antenna depend on s parameters and i need a matlab code for a given dimensions for calculating s11 curve
Hi, I got lot of data in polar form and want to processing by creating a formula/program in matlab. Can anyone give me some advice.I am starter of Matlab. for example , F(x) = / s11 And i have lot of data of s11 ,S22 ,S12 in polar form s11 (...)
i have material with this parameter dielectric 2.2 thickness 1.57 mm i want to cover band 1-15 ghz on 40x40 mm substrate i have calculated freq center about 7 Ghz w of tline about 5 mm for Z in 50Ω using basic rectangular formula i got w of patch about 15mm any advice how to design a patch to achieve s11<-10 (...)
Trying to measure the stability of my LNA. I obtained linear magnitude and phase angle data points for s11, S12, S21, S22 across 500MHZ - 18GHz data set attached to post. Using the Rollet's stability formula. k = 1 |s11|? - |S22|? +|Δ|? ---------------------------- 2|S21*S12| (...)
See this Sonnet application note for a 900 MHz tag layout with extended bandwidth: What do you mean by "HFSS s11 formula is wrong" ?
I've simulated an UHF RFID antenna using HFSS. And I got the s11 calculated by HFSS. tried to calculate s11 using the formula Γ=(zc-za*)/(zc+za) zc for chip impedance (the conjugation of the port impedance setted in hfss) and za for antenna impedan
Hello I have a question regarding the calculating s11. You used this formula. s11=(Zant-*Zc)/(Zant+Zc). the denominator only Zc. Is should be Zc or *Zc. Please I would like to understand this formula Best Regards
Hello guys, I need your help to give me some guide on patch antenna design. I just design a rectangular patch antenna using the standard formula for 5.8 Ghz antenna. the feeding is microstrip line with 50 ohm matching. But As I see the s11 plot it looks flat and doesn't seems to resonate at 5.8 Ghz. Do we (...)
Hi, are you using a wave port or a lumped port? I have the same effect here using a lumped port. Perhaps with a lumped port it will work. In another post ( ) I have found this formula: incident power (Pinc) = 1W accepted power (Pacc) = Pinc * (1 - s11^2 ) (ie mismatched loss) But this doe
i am a bit confused on interpreting the scattering parameter results shown by network analyzer for example the s11 shown by network analyzer for any antenna is in dB. now if i want to calculate the abosulte values which formula should i use s11(dB)=20 log ( s11) (...)
for a quarter wave transformer with larger width 50Ω and resistive load 75 Ω if we know the s11 response to frequency what formula can we use to calculate the effective relative permitivity? And another one In branch line coupler if we know th s11 S21 S31 and S41what are (...)
Hi, I need a program which made it possible to calculate the negative index of refraction according to the parameters S. because I find a major problem with bends of acos. the formula of n is n = ? accos(X)/kd +2Πm/kd with X= (1-(s11)?+(s21)?)/2(s21)? Provided that Im(n)>0 If somebody have some ideas or some (...)