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All and all it depends on your interest. It composes by various of CAD drawings, fabrication, material science, control system, electronics so and so forth. I think it is worth it. :)
flashforth is a forth compiler for the PIC18 24 DSP and PIC 30 series chips. I'm starting a new project and am considering using it but I'd like some impartial feedback from other users. (I'm familiar with forth - I just need feedback on this particular implementation if possible) tia
Hi there! I'm working on a home-made pingpong trainer. The last thing I need is to control my servomotor in that way that it can rotate 90 back and forth several times. Being completely new to electronics, I had no idea where to start. I've gathered information and the needed stuff. My servomotor is a TowerPro MG995, my microcontroller is a
If I have a resonating LC circuit that is tuned to 50 Ohms using an antenna tuner (because my amplifier's output is designed for 50 ohm output), the L is producing an alternating magnetic field and the two reactive components are exchanging reactive power back and forth. But in this case my L is also an antenna (in my wireless power transfer experi
That generally call routing grid, to match the pin std cell position. Historically, the backend designer should align this grid function of the std cell, now the tool are generally able to analyze the std cell pins positions. The magma router has a routing grid, as other routing tool, plus a sub-routing that is the forth of the routing grid to prov
It's common for the DC power jack to be vulnerable to physical stress. Hairline cracks can develop in its solder joints. These might be okay when cool, allowing it to power up. But then as components heat up the connection goes bad. Just speculating. Does the power light show the unit is going back and forth between AC power and battery power?
It looks as though you are sending pulses through capacitors. It is common to see spikes develop, especially when pulses go back and forth, stepping up the volt levels. This simulation demonstrates the effect. Notice the spike is higher than the supply level. obrazki.elektro
Hi, everyone! Please take a look at 3 different names and motto for the company. How it sounds in your language, is there a bad association when you hear it and so forth. 1) KineTech - run you business 2) AntLabs - the code without bugs 3) Beagle Soft - it works. Thanks in advance!
This schematic is a barebones method. The DAC must be able to both source and sink current. It cannot drive too great a load. Therefore it may need for you to install a buffer between the output and the next stage. The green trace is volt level. The yellow trace shows current back and forth at the DAC output pin. images.elektro
Hello, I am trying to wire a radio that I am building. It is a 40M direct conversion transceiver. All of the components that get switched back and forth for transmit and receive, such as the LO and the antenna and the audio amp, are single ended. Is there a great potential of causeing the end result to not work at all or work very badly if I
Hi All, Metals are defined in the CMOS process. Metal1 verticiale Metal2 horizontal and so forth. As we move in lower process technology, the rules regarding routing of metal in non defined direction becomes stringent. for example you in 45nm technology you can route narrow metal in horizontal, also it can be routed only to small distanc
Radio-over-strand (RoF) engineering has numerous profits for example more substantial transmission capacity, diminished capacity devouring and so forth. that has made it a magnetic implementation alternative for different correspondence frameworks. Orthogonal Recurrence Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is viewed as the regulation method for destiny bro
Low freq. antennas are easy to tune up. But you need some sort of signal source and some sort of test broadband antenna/detector. You tune the frequency back and forth, and maximize the detected signal by tuning the capacitances. You can't do much without at least that basic equipment.
At least forth order LP with a 3dB cutoff at 1/2 of you effective sampling frequency. Google for active LP filters
The current goes back and forth. There is no net DC current.
Well, I have been banging around the Internet learning (well I thought I was), about diodes, and protection and so forth; and I am pretty sure I have just confused myself. Could someone check out this schematic I drew, check some of the comments, and tell me if I am about to blow something up!? 67472 I am particular
hi everybody: if i have 10 mobile phones & i connected the first to the second & the third to the forth & so on(pairs). why they dont interface with each other? is it because of synchronization? & what is the maximum no. of phones can i connect by bluetooth at the same time(pairs) without interferance. thanks.
I'm looking to connect a TI 2000 series dev board up with a Xilinx spartan fpga for back and forth communications over the 16bit parallel bus. So I'll be connecting data bus, address bus, chip select, read and write. All 3.3v signals. Each of these board have their own (i believe isolated) power supply. The Xilinx gets 12V ATX in and the TI get 5V
Yes i want to use 2 accuators. Left and right, and back and forth. As for the clutch it would be manually pressed triggering a push button switch to select a new gear. Hello This way it will lead to mis-match problem between the clutch and gear shifting. Instead if the manual clutch is repla
How can I cancel count down timer 1 by triggering timer 2 & vise versa? I'm trying to operate a hyd. Cylinder back & forth with solenoids 1 & 2 My timers are set at 7 seconds.