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I've found that it is also helpful to drop as many keywords as possible. Some companies (primarily large companies) screen resumes by counting how many keywords you use in your resume (I wish I was kidding). So if you've worked with RS-485, mention it. If you are familiar with PCI, mention it. So on and so forth. Also, if you can get your resume p
i'm working now with FEMM 4.2. i have a Quader of steel and a magnetical Sensor. I would like to move the steel rod so that it breaks forth as possible closer to the magnetical sensor and to its original position and though going back periodically. Does anyone have any idea how can I do that?
16f84A, 20Mhz, hello basically transmission has 2 wires wire1 wire 2 First 1 1 Second 0 1 Third 0 0 forth 1 0 as you can see above depending on which wire has 12v+ the gear is selected i have 2 inputs porta's pin 0 and 1 2 outputs portb's 0 and 1 this is my code so far, i
hope im posting in the right place. i have a project turning a robot that walks, into one that uses wheels, i need a part that will turn the leg motors that go back and forth into ones that go in one direction constantly. i cant make them go in one diirection by themselves, its complicated. is there a part/component that will do this? i seem to re
Hello, I am looking for some method to send data back and forth from ML501 and PC. Any help would be appreciated Kianoosh
hi, in the last few days, i draw a PCB of 4 layers using Cadence 16.2. The first layer is named top, conductor type. The forth layer is named bottom, plane type. after generating artwork file, there are no pad in the bottom layer. also, in setup-->cross-section, after changing the type of bottom layer to plane, the subclass name "bottom"
You should try to run your simulations with mismatch applied only to pairs of devices, starting from the input pair, moving to the cross-coupled nmos, pmos ans so forth. This will give you an idea about who is biggest contributor to your offset. Consult your design manual to check for the area vs. mismatch for your technology.
I'm doing some experiments with 40x7 led matrix display and I'm trying to built effect where dots are switch on randomly to form letters. Say, first column has to be 0b11111110. First pass column looks like 0b00000000 Second pass 0b00001010 Third pass 0b10001110 forth pass 0b10111110 fifth pass 0b11111110 Every column must have own rando
The feedback clock from DCO divider and REF clock are phase locked when in lock situation - so the FB clock edges are moving back and forth around REF clock edges. This is the what PLL is suppose to behave. You can either look at the PFD/integrator output or look at the FB clock frequency in certain time window to declare if the lock situation has
what are your requirements.Frequency of operation,bandwidth,Gain so on so forth. S.Mohammed.
I'm not sure what the best power analysis "point" tool is but I can say that switching back and forth between different design tools working on different views is quite common in IC design. There just is no push button flow.
dear all i am using ise 12.1 (ip core-> memory interfacing generator) i read about this tools and i know that it is {tool generates DDR SDRAM interfaces Spartan-3E. The tool takes inputs such as the memory interface type, FPGA family, FPGA devices, frequencies, data width, memory mode register values, and so forth, from the user through a grap
Why don't you compile all the many excellent interview questions and answers already posted on this forum and then people can add to them? If you want "a good collection and one stop for Interview questions in Digital ASIC design" it would be great if you could put forth some effort also! Here, let me get you started:
The dominant pole always has a disproportionately stronger impact on the cut-off frequency than the next dominant pole and so forth. Cascading RC filters are highly ineffective due to finite input and output impedances of each stage coupling onto the previous and next stages. As you may have realized, there's much more to filter specifications
I am designing a multilayer antenna. The top layer is radiator, second layer is substrate, third layer is meshed metal ground, forth layer is another substrate, and the bottom is feeding network. That's to say the microstrip antenna and its feeding network share the same ground in the milddle. When I put one more layer of substrate over the r
This error is the most stupid thing i have seen i this tool, as if You have a flaw in defining a pad shape or padshape is not placed in the right folder or something like that, this error shows up. Another resson could be You have a property called eg revision and it is a forth running number for having controll of Your footprints, and another per
Good luck with the range. Also if you are transmitting continuous packets back and forth you will notice packat loss using Zigbee from digi. Zigbee from Tarang has another issue. If you are sending packets more than 32 bytes, some byte are lost from the packet. So be careful using both of them.
Hello firends, I'm having 4 different frequency signals (square waveform). The difference lies in their amplitudes.(the frequency is same, & the maximum frequency is 1Khz) first one varies from 0 - 4 volts Second one varies from 0.5 - 4 volts Third one varies from 0.5 - 5 volts forth one varies from 0 - 5 volts I need to select any one o
Hi, i'm new in hfss and i have a small Problem: i want to simulate the electric field of a multi plate capacitor. first plate on -2600V, than a gap of 3 mm air second plate on -1350V with holes every 0.8 mm, than a 0.3 mm epoxy gap third plate on 0V also with holes every 0.8 mm, than a gap of 3 mm air forth plate on -150V I now need th
I am looking for a device to provide back and forth linear movement (like a cylinder) with a throw of 4 to 5 inches. I want to automate my dust collection system in my woodworking shop. Any ideas? I'm still in school for Electronics, and I don't really have much experience in the field. Thanks, Bobby