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Hello all, How to solve this problem? Thanks error message: \o Use/reproduction/disclosure is subject to restriction \o set forth at FAR 1252.227-19 or its equivalent. \p > \o 8-bit PseudoColor Visual is not available (default Visual option). \o Using 24-bit TrueColor Visual. \o The program xdpyinfo can be used to verify the Visua
Those two words by themselves are not very clear. It could mean that the data changes back and forth between two values each time some event occurs. But that's a weak guess. Can you show us the complete sentence or paragraph?
This calculation software is very useful for programmer, as it has 2 displays, one for equation, one for result, converting back and forth between D, H, B, it has 2 versions, one for PC, one for PPC with the same interface, and the most convenient it is, FREEWARE. Download from 1.0 Hope it may help
Hello Networking is as such a wide area involving Computer networks, optical networks, wireless networks and each in turn having a wide range of issues, technology and so on so forth. It would be better if you clearly tell in which area you wish to know about advanced topics. dkk
You should read some introductory books about neural network. From your post, you know roughly what a neural network doing, so now you have to figure out what application can neural network do. Example, pattern recognition, speech recognition, prediction, classification and so forth. Try to differentiate supervised learning neural network and un
In a waveguide the energy travel at the same speed than the air as you said but bounce back and forth from the walls so the net speed is lower
need to write a few eeprom bytes after power loss. What may be my solution alternatives? battery, supercap, ... ? and how to switch back and forth? anybody has practical experience doing it? regards
Here is the second message. The remaining files will be in the third and forth messages.
I'm an experienced (many years!) C/C++ programmer, also assembler in various flavours, fortran, basic, pascal, lisp, algol, forth, and others I've forgotten... JAL is great. I've used it often for quick programs that would take longer to write in other languages due to more complexity of the instructions or less functionality. Also, given the
I've been having a problem with my JVC MX-D402T stereo for a long time now and hope someone can help me out here. The problem is with the 3 disc cd-changer. When I go to eject a disc or play a disc, it won't do it properly. I can hear the trays moving back and forth, but rarely do I get the tray I want to either open or spin up the disc. The pro
Hi, I am trying to use a piezoelectric stack. I have tried to think of powering the piezoelectric stack just like powering a capacitor.(drawing 1). This means that the impedance will vary by 1/jwC. I wonder if this is correct? Also, I am trying to operate the piezo extender in continuous mode. The piezo will shift back and forth to its extend
how to operate my tank and valve?? i have this problem... i have 3 different liquids in 3 different valve,how i mix these liquids to the forth tank use the matlab simulator??
Probably you mean "forth compiler". forth is an (old) high-level programming language like C or Pascal. Compilers for various platforms can for example be found here: Mik
All of the back-and-forth discussion above misses the real issue. It doesn't make any difference whether or not you use one continuous ground plane, a split plane, or two independent planes. What you are really trying to do is keep the return currents for analog and digital separated. You don't want a digital signal to share a return path with
Most of the energy goes into heating up the wires and capacitors. The circuit is basically two capacitors and a small resistor all in series. Ordinary RC discharge. If you use perfect capacitors and zero resistance wire, then the energy will oscillate back and forth between the two capacitors at the loop's resonant frequency (the wire has induct
Hi guys, Whts scene of possible opportunities for ASIC design engineer in UAE/Dubai? Heard lots of efforts put forth by Govt to encourage IC tech parks for startups and new firms in Dubai Silicon Oasis? Is this all true? Thanks, Mad_dogs_ic_maker
One simplistic answer would be that everything is based on a clock 'tick' so instead of finishing a linear piece of code, an interrupt is generated on each 'tick'. The interrupt processing decide then that such thread must be interrupted (too long) or may continue.. And so on and so forth. In reality it is more complicated than this, but for a sim
A strongly-typed programming language is one in which each type of data (such as integer, character, hexadecimal, packed decimal, and so forth) is predefined as part of the programming language and all constants or variables defined for a given program must be described with one of the data types. An advantage of strong data typing is that it im
When we refer to components with package SOT54,TO-92,SC-43 and so forth,what do the digits mean? I only know they do not relate to the pin numbers,but what kind of information can we get from such digits.Any one who gives me hints will be appreciated.
I've posted this one earlier but apperently id did something wrong because it's gone.. I'm lookinf for a book regarding design of radar system, which explains different types of antennas used in such system and so forth. Any suggestions?