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u could use an oscillator to drive 'c' and 'd' inputs on the H-bridge circuit - the period will control the rate of rotation back and forth
Is it possible to export a routed PCB from P*otel to Allegro to do further analysis(EMC, EMI, Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, ...)? No - the component and pcb file structure in @llegro is entirely different from Protel. There is no converter available that will allow you to go back and forth between the two software packages.
Hi: I think ,the future lies in the ability in coming forth with reliable low voltage architecture for analog circuitry, since the voltage headroom of 90nm CMOS process is low. However the higher transit frequency offered in this process, enables the design of higher frequency broadband application. Rgds
I'm embedded system newbie: (know C++,java languages ) -Well how would you evaluate forth for embedded project and compare it with C (espacially for os/monitor-program of fpga based cpu)? forth gives you? -Interactive development -Compact, efficient code -Modular software design -Incremental compilation -Top performance --- se
c the attached ppt Event vs. Cycle Based: An event driven simulator typically tends to be faithful to the semantics set forth by the HDL. Essentially, at every time unit, the "kernel" de-queues any events that are due at that time unit which in turn trigger actions for the "execution" unit which i
One nice thing is using GPRS. You can use the same AT interface and send messages to your server. This works back and forth and only thing telcos disables is ping. So you can use http, udp, tftp even msn or p2p stuff I use to send info between my AVL and my server, even webcam stuff SMS is fine just because of the price in roam, but if you get
I am, for the second time, victim of the dumb date protection in Flexlm attacking you when it thinks the date has been changed to some past value. This time, I was testing a NTP client and I really had no way checking if the time would go back or forth when it adjusts. Mentor recognizes also that this protection is too
I'm getting seriously pissed with Redhat. All the different versions have different non-compatible libraries. How to get a complete flow without having to select back and forth between different versions during boot? It is very disruptive to have to do simulation in one version of Linux, then reboot into another version of the same OS to do
MIPS R4000 Microprocessor User?s Manual Second Edition Joe Heinrich 1994 MIPS Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. RESTRICTED RIGHTS LEGEND Use, duplication, or disclosure of the technical data contained in this document by the Government is subject to restrictions as set forth in subdivision (c) (1) (ii) of the Rights in Technical Dat
Hi Is anyone using forth on the MSP430? If so which one and how do you rate it as a programming language.. Thanks Ian
Very interested project can be found at . It's forth ( and Pascal ) like Virtual Machine inplementation on ATMEL's AVR micros - AT90S8515, AT90S8535 and ATmega8 ...
Free forth-Like Virtual Machine for ATMEL can be found at: Look nice ...
Not only vmware, there also exists Virtual-PC. I run it on ny PIII-550 (256MB RAM) and looks OK. I've allocated 64MB for the Linux system. Also there are some bugs, like when switching from WIN to the virtual OS, back and forth, however their so called add-in tools are meant to deal with such discrepancies. You could try Virtual-PC with the add-
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