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... I am actually using Schottky diodes there ... Make sure they are big enough to handle up to 100mA with lower forward voltage than the body diodes.
One junction has zero bias if Vbs=0. You left that bit out. You refer to the body not at all. The body should always be biased such that neither of the junctions goes forward-conducting. That's not a "how?". That's an application rule, to keep Bad Things from happening.
Look up "body effect". -Vbs adds to VT at about a 0.6 scale factor (Vbs being -1V, increases VT by about 0.6V). The real number may be found in the model card. forward bias gives you a lousy BJT, where you probably didn't want it.
If you don't need the pin to swing below ground or can stand to forward bias the body when it does, you could use asymmetric and have more functional density (better ESD for area, or less area for equal clamping quality).
You are modifying the body potential relative to source to obtain some different gate characteristic. forward biasing the body lowers VT, at about .5-0.7 V/V (body effect, see model params for your PDK's actual). You are in a bind here, because you do not want to be injecting current into the (...)