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Hi, I have designed a four element MIMO patch antenna systems, and i have used SMA connector with wave port to excite the each antenna. Can anyone suggest me how can i terminate other waveports with 50 ohm impedence while other waveports are excited.
Hello Everyone !!! I'm simulating a linear 4 elements patch array on ansoft designer v2.2 at a single frequency I've placed, in the planarEM, the four patches with separate ports. Now I need to view the antenna beam moving with the phase difference of the port excitation. If i simulate the network and, after, i visualize the (...)
A rectangular patch (L = 76 mm, W = 50 mm, h = 1.524 mm, εr = 3.38) is powered by a coaxial probe. The central core of the connector is soldered to the patch at Dx = 29 mm, Dy = 15 mm from the bottom left corner. Theoretically this position enables the four primary modes TM10 (1.075 GHz), TM01 (1.605 GHz), TM11 (1.955 GHz), and TM20 (...)
In HFSS: Notice under the file tab there is a section "Open examples" .... four items down. Azulykit
Dear Sir, I am designing a transmitting patch antenna array consisting of four elements and one recieving patch antenna element on the other side. I am having VNA and USRP. I am confused how to use these instruments to transmit a signal from array and then measure that signal's phase from recieving antenna element. If you can help me i (...)
An option could be to make the structure as symmetrical as possible, using two extra zero-degrees splitters and feeding the square patch from all four sides. Another option is to tune the edge currents of the patch changing the shape/pattern of margins of the rectangle.
I've already tried this, but i could not get two resonances close enough. Got good results only with thick substrate about 7-8 mm Yes it`s true. Better bandwidth are with air gap and normal dimensions ( electrical dimensions equal to physical ) . Also possible some multi path, four for instance. It will be better.
I gonna design a 60 GHz linear phased array with four microstrip patch antenna on Ferro A6M LTCC, εr=5.99, tanδ=0.002. What's the substrate thickness should I choose. Any formula? What if εr=2.2, tanδ=0.0009 then?
halo i have designed a cavity backed patch antenna array at 10GHZ now the problem im facing is that when i simulate the four patches with coperate feed network i am seeing resonace at two frequancies ie is 9,3GHZ and i have designed the cavity backed four element linear array it worked fine the distance betweem (...)
Of course it's not ok, how can you get almost the same gain for two and four elements. For two elements you get 7dBi is ok, but for 4 it's not.
If you can post your file, that would help. A couple of pointers: - Sonnet uses a metal box, so the four sidewalls are perfect metal. Thus, you need to keep the sidewalls a very large distance from your antenna. - Keep the cell size less than 1/20 wavelength. If this is a single patch, then set the cell size to be an exact fraction of the (...)
How can I join lumped ports to give same excitation to an array of four patch elements on one substrate. Because if I assign separate lumped ports to each element, the gain it gives is based upon only one element and this is also true for other parameters. Can we relate one port to another in terms of amplitude and phase.?? Thanks
hi everybody! I'm trying to built a phase array microstrip antennas at 2.45 Ghz with four elements. the desing is made with IE3D and i would like to know how i can calculate the feed line to have a Z of 50Ω. thanks a lot
S. G. Kim and K. Chang, ?Low-cost monopulse antenna using Bi-directionally- fed microstrip patch array,? Electron. Lett., vol. 39, no. 20, 2003. M. L. Oberhart, Y. T. Lo, and R. Q. H. Lee, ?New simple feed network of an array module of four microstrip elements,? Electron. Lett., vol. 23, no. 9, pp. 436?437, 1987.
Today there are four leading antenna architectures that are commonly used in embedded applications (internal to the mobile): microstrip, patch, Planar Inverted 'F' Antenna (PIFA) and Meander Line Antenna (MLA). For a while I am using PIFA for multi-band mobile system. PIFAs make good embedded antennas in that they exhibit a somewhat omnidire