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I am having difficulty in using fourier cell in cadence. Could anyone explain these? Thanks. "Model name": which and where is the model? "Fundamental Frequency": is this the sampling frequency? "Min no. of time points": one sample time? "Order of interpolation":what does this mean? "Number of Harmonics": ? "Number of reference Harmonics":
You should expand this waveform into Discrete fourier Transform by using Calculator of cadence.
What kind of analysis used? An FFT (Fast fourier Transformation) analysis. With the tabular outputs of such an analysis you can generate such curves using the wavetool, or by exporting the FFT result values to an appropriate presentation tool like Excel, Matlab ...
hello Eminent.Engineer, I hve also designed a delta sigma ADC and i calculate the SNR order to caculate the SNR after the modulator you must make the fast fourier transform function (FFT) by MATLAB after the modulator. About the decimation,until now i have designed the complete ADC in Smulink (MATLAB) then by using cadence, i only designed t
Yes... After doing a transient simulation, you have to do DFT ( Discrete fourier Transformation) to obtain spectral intensity of a periodic signal... For more information, see spectre user's guide...
In amplifiers, if the input signal frequency is low enough, I would suggest avoid transient sim (+DFT) or flex-balance (just like HB) in Spectre(RF). The easiest way is to use DC simulation, and through VerilogA function and calculator to find the fourier series coefficients. You can obtain much more insight in DC sim and avoid possible settling
hi, how to use the cell fourier in analogLib of cadence
Dear Friends I designed a SH circuit as first stage for my pipeline ADC. I use cadence Analog Design environment and spectre for simulations. I performed a DFT analysis on data obtained by transient analysis (coherant sampling, strobeperiod option used). The plot looks fine. I also included the "fourier" component from the "analogLib" to g
An easy to determine the THD/SFDR or whatever, is to make use of the component fourier/fourier2ch. These two components are located in analogLib and they are specific to the cadence simulator spectre. If you place them in a schematic and run a transient anaysis, you will get the fourier coefficients of the corresponding (...)
You can also run a fourier analysis. It uses the fourier Integral to calculate the distortion products.
How to use fourier and fourier2ch components in analogLIb of cadence to get spectrum by transient analysis?